The Eco-Warriors had a Clothing Swap at today's Warrior Wednesday, allowing students to style up their wardrobe, and donate lightly used clothing items for others to attain.

"If students want something that they see and like, but didn't bring clothes to contribute, they can just pay $2 for the clothing. Which is a pretty fair amount. Students can swap up to 10 pieces," said Cynella Aghasi (sophomore, Political Science), an Eco-Warrior that took part in this event.

They strongly encouraged that whatever type of clothing students brought, to switch with the same type of item. For example, a shirt for a shirt.

Typically students will depend on retail stores to get their fashionable clothing items, although there are consequences in doing so.

Aghasi continued to say, "This is an effort to slow down fast fashion, which is by definition, inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by market retailers in response to the latest trends. Companies like, Forever 21," she said, "The clothing industry is the second most polluter of clean water."

The Clothing Swap is a way to boycott fast fashion.

Krishma Malhotra (senior, Social Science) described how students may benefit from the Clothing Swap.

"They will get to expand their wardrobe and attain awareness of fast fashion. One does not have to go out to the store to buy clothes. Just go to your local school, markets, or donation bins."

Several of the items available were never worn or had name brands including Lucky, Hollister, and Abercrombie. This attracted many students to the booth.

Ashley Camarena (senior, Anthropology and Criminal Justice) defined her cost-benefit analysis, "Much of the clothes being donated are still in really good condition and we are only selling them for $2. Come and get new stuff for super cheap!"

"I got this cool Old Navy jacket brand new with the tags still on it," Camarena added.

The Eco-Warriors received great feedback from those who participated in the swap or were simply passing by. They plan to continue this drive for future Warrior Wednesdays and encourage students to remember to bring their clothes to school.

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