The Signal will be working hard to bring you web content while we say goodbye to our campus for a while. (Signal photo/ Randel Montenegro)

Dear Signal Readers,

As coronavirus sweeps the country, many organizations (including the Signal) are figuring out how to cope with our rapidly changing environment. 

In response to the recent developments, the Signal has decided not to publish a March print edition. 

However, before you collapse in shock and disappointment, do not fear… the Signal will continue to provide you with as much content as possible, right here on our website. 

Our decision not to print was based on a few different factors.

First, as classes will be transitioned from in-person to online during this next week, most students will not have the opportunity to pick up a copy of the Signal before they retreat to the safety of their homes or other living spaces.

Second, because we want to keep our community safe, the Signal does not want to pass out magazines that could potentially act as a surface to collect and spread germs.

Finally, as the members of our Stan State community find themselves spending more time at home, we want to be able to entertain and inform you, wherever you may be. As some of you travel back to your hometowns, the Signal will join you. Anytime you want to tune in to the latest campus news, humorous pieces, advice columns, and creative cartoons, the Signal will be just a few clicks away. 

As we all continue to adjust to these new challenges, we hope that you are able to find comfort and distraction in our stories. We wish you and your loved ones good health.


The Signal

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