The Signal is with Her!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally on June 4, at Edison High School in Fresno,CA. (The Rampage photo/Larry Valenzuela)

This year’s election has been quite the rollercoaster, but it is finally coming to an end on Nov. 8 when the next President of the United States is finally elected. The editorial team at the student-run newspaper, The Signal, at California State University, Stanislaus (Stan State), is proudly endorsing Hillary Clinton as the first female President of the United States, because we believe she is the most qualified candidate for the job.

Clinton shows how our nation has grown significantly since the the birth of our nation to the 21st century. Our consuming culture that has been collaborating and communicating through various means in technology has advanced us with the intake of diversity and culture. The stance in promoting, outreaching and securing our diverse culture strengthens the ability to become a powerful and united nation in the world.

Secretary Clinton has primarily expressed concerns in the challenges of education, economics and security. It is with high anticipation in these advancing times that our nation needs a mature, well-composed and mentally experienced professional for the lives of the people in these primary concerns. It is with great consideration that we acknowledge the fundamental needs of the people and match the best candidate to continue to strengthen the United States of America.

The focus is for the people, by the people and by doing so, Clinton is an example of developing our nation through a historical shift in the atmosphere of human rights, diversity and advancement.

We need a president that looks past sexual orientation, religion and ethnicity. We need a president who believes in an immigration reform that will lead to equal and comprehensive citizenship. This president will not be afraid if Congress does not agree with her, she will fight for what she believes is right and that is appreciating on what this country was built on: immigration.

The president that we need understands the struggle of waking up every morning with tired hands to go to work and sees the injustice of high taxes in middle-class families and seeing the wealthiest pay low taxes. Our future President Clinton, will fix this and return hope to the American people.

We need a president who believes everyone deserves the same rights and respects. She will fight for the minorities who have been pushed aside for far too long. She has promised to deal with immigration in a productive way, not by separating families, but by creating a pathway to citizenship for the millions of hardworking immigrants in the country.

Clinton has promised and addressed the current LGBTQ+ issues faced in today's society. She will make sure we are protected and treated as actual members of the society, regardless of our sexual orientation. We need a president who will ensure women are finally in control of their own bodies and have the same rights in society.

Not only is she not Donald Trump and everything he stands for, but she has the experience that has always been admired when choosing candidates for president. Her resume includes being the secretary of state in President Obama's administration, a U.S senator and first lady of the U.S. It is clear that she knows what she is getting herself into and her confidence being able to uphold the presidential position only makes us trust her more.

She is the president that we need, who will give our hard working immigrants the right to be part of our country, fight for equality for all and will give back hope to middle-class families who are struggling with cost to send their children to college. There is only one person that can uphold what this country needs and that person is our soon-to-be President Hilary Clinton.

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