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The Modesto Certified Farmers Market has been operating since 1979, and the coronavirus pandemic is not stopping them from safely providing a space for residents to get fresh air, socialize, and shop local. (Screenshot of ModestoCFM website logo courtesy of Christopher Correa)

Stanislaus County residents can support local vendors while taking a break from quarantine at the Modesto Certified Farmers Market. The market is open on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m to 1 p.m. and will be open through January. 

The quarantined lifestyle has taken a toll on many people, but as Stanislaus County struggles to get back to business as usual, people are looking for safe alternatives to safely engage in the community. The Farmers Market is an outdoor market with plenty of space for social distancing and vendors are required to follow all health guidelines. What the Farmers Market also provides is an opportunity to get out of the house and get some fresh air while shopping for local organic food. 

Modesto native Sabrina Rodriguez said, “It’s a good way to start a Saturday morning, hanging out with your friends in your community, especially if you’re looking for some real nutrition.” Rodriguez and her friend Khali Ybarra are both Modesto resident who regularly attend the Farmers Market to get out and socialize. Rodriguez loves the coffee with honey and cinnamon that is sold by one of the vendors and Ybarra enjoys the fresh flowers and oils offered at different booths.

Stan State student Michaela Bruhn has visited the market and finds it a good way to help local small businesses while hanging out with friends and enjoying healthy food. Bruhn tried Oaxacan tamales from one of the booths, which she says were enjoyable.

The Oaxacan tamales seemed to be a staple at the Farmers Market. Mother and daughter, Evelynn and Ramsiel Izquieda  also expressed their affinity for the Oaxacan tamales.

“The Oaxacan tamales and coffee are an inexpensive breakfast that’s filling,” Evelynn said.

Ramsiel is in grade school and shared that she was having fun participating in a program offered through the Farmers Market that teaches children to cook healthy meals and snacks through online Zoom courses.

Other important services the farmers market provides is food assistance for individuals and families who are on CalFresh, SNAP, or WIC. The CalFresh grant offers a matching $10 for families who use their CalFresh cards. 

The Farmers Market has been a staple in Modesto since 1979, its casual environment offers a good way for people to get out of the house and be around others. In addition to the fresh air, it’s a great place to find fresh produce. They offer everything from melons and squash to walnuts and fresh basil. All the produce is local grown and helps promote a healthy lifestyle for the community.

For market dates, events, a list of vendors, and more, head to their official website at

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