Turlock City Council Graphic

Graphic by Kimberly Horne.

A Turlock City Council Meeting was held on April 12, where council members met to discuss the roads project, public concerns over water waste and city funding concerning the reopening of positions once frozen.

Roads Project 

Jim Porter, PE, Vahid Ganji, PH.D., P.E., and Nabaz Saieed of Michael Baker, International shared a presentation about the Roads Project for Turlock. The Road Project is a plan to fix 15 streets in Turlock. 

This project needs approval and funds to go any further. Vahid Ganji, the presenter shared a slide show one of the slides consisted of the roads in the city and their condition. The roads selected that need work have pot holes and poor pavement condition. When it comes to this plan the sidewalk and traffic lights are also considered in this project plan. 

Public Participation

The City Council then moved to public participation in order to let the public discuss any desired issue for a total of five minutes for each person. One participant chose to discuss an article about Bank of America. His purpose for reading the article was to talk about the water waste, stating that the water waste comes from leaking pipes. The article stated that the water supply might be at risk in 2040. 

City Funding

The City Council then discussed appropriate funding for the city. The city had 22 positions available and were able to fill the positions. There were a total of 35 positions that were frozen and were able to bring back 3 positions.

These positions were all pertaining to fire and the positions were filled but were not named. A part time position was approved for a homeless program. Although this is currently a temporary position, the idea for this program is to eventually reduce homelessness in the city of Turlock.

How long this position would exist was a question raised. Reagan M. Wilson, City Manager, stated it would be a temporary position. More information to come April 26, City Council Meeting on homelessness. Rebecka Monez, Council Member, stated “I will go with council member Larson's recommendation to start off as a part time position with that amendment I will motion to approve the resolution with all nine positions.”  

Measure A funding focused on public safety. Measure A money focused on 50% roads 10% public and 40% for general action. Public safety would include the police and firefighters. Measure A was meant for public safety as wanted from the public as well. The council team mentioned that the measure will help businesses and customer service. 

Turlock City Council meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:00 p,m. Anyone wishing to attend can do so at Turlock City Hall.

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