A brand new thrift store has arrived in Turlock, just in time for the holiday season! Sisters Marissa Miranda and Isabella Cisneros have turned their life-long hobby into their own business venture. The Little Red Door is a small boutique that offers a variety of clothing for all, with a focus on quality over quantity. 

“That’s what separates us from the mainstream thrift stores,” says Marissa Miranda, founder of Little Red Door. “We do the hard work for the people. We go in and find the best of the best and provide it to our customers.”

Little Red Door is very unique when compared to other thrift stores. There is a distinct human connection as the owners truly care about their customers and strive to make them comfortable while the customers browse through the store’s catalog. Little Red Door aims to be an inclusive boutique that does not neglect one group over another. 

“We provide clothes for any shape or size,” says Miranda. “When you enter a boutique store, it shouldn’t be just for twos, fours, and sixes. Everyone should feel important in their own skin and be able to dress super cute, no matter what size they are,” she continued.

Marissa and Isabella are very familiar with the thrift store scene. Before owning their own store, the sisters were avid customers of their local thrift stores. This passion drives them to visit different stores, and find unique items to sell at the Little Red Door. 

"I think the most successful spots are from people who are selling their homes," Miranda explained. "They've pulled stuff from boxes in the attic, and that's been the best stuff. It's almost like forgotten, pre-loved treasures."

Little Red Door is located at 231 East Main Street in Turlock, at the back of Rustic Roots. Marissa and Isabella welcome all who wish to come and visit their store. 


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