The Warrior Discounter system can be used at all participating businesses. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correra)

Many of Stanislaus State’s newest members have shown plenty of excitement upon learning about ASI’s Warrior Discounter program, an initiative that has been providing benefits for both students and faculty for several years now.

ASI explains on their website that students can use their Warrior ID cards at participating vendors to obtain discounts on their purchases.

Several first-year students knew very little to nothing about the program, and were very intrigued upon hearing about it.

Damaris Farias (freshman, Pre-Nursing) was surprised upon hearing the news of there being a student benefits program and has yet to take advantage. 

“I didn’t know necessarily exactly which places to go to and where I can use it,” Farias explained.

Samantha Victorio (freshman, Pre-Nursing) had a similar understanding of what exactly Warrior Discounter was. Victorio remembers seeing something about the program during her freshman orientation, but has not attempted to use it.

Samantha Victorio

Samantha Victorio (freshman, Pre-Nursing) is excited to start taking advantage of the Warrior Discounter system and hopes that more of her favorite restaurants start to participate. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correa) 

To help students like Farias and Victorio, ASI occasionally posts the list of participating businesses on their social media accounts. For those who do not use social media, a list can also be found on ASI’s website.

Although the list is already very extensive, it is always subject to change as local businesses are constantly wanting to get involved.

"Every semester, more and more local businesses are offering deals for students and we’re excited to promote these deals to our university community!," ASI's website states.

Many students were eager to voice their opinions and provide some recommendations for what kind of businesses they want to see added to the Warrior Discounter list in the future, including Victorio, who expressed how much she would love to see Panda Express and Jamba Juice on the list of participators.

Brandon Hicks (senior, Criminal Justice) has taken advantage of the Warrior Discounter system since his freshman year.

Brandon Hicks

Brandon Hicks (senior, Criminal Justice) has taken advantage of the Warrior Discounter system throughout his four years at Stan State and realizes just how helpful the small discounts can be. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correa)

“My favorite discount has to be Wingstop. I’ve used it like 10 times” said Hicks.

Even as a consistent user of the Warrior Discounter program, Hicks would love to see another one of his favorite businesses added to the list.

“Target has to be one, even if it’s just like 5 percent off,” Hicks stated.

Being an upperclassman, Hicks knows exactly how helpful the Warrior Discounter system can be. It is one of the many programs in place that help make being a Warrior a little more rewarding.

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