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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many “firsts” into our lives, lately. It has brought our first experience of a total transition to online classes, our first experience of a toilet paper shortage, and our first experience of self-isolation. 

Yet another first is spring break under quarantine. Many students may be at a loss for what to do during their spring breaks without having the option of leaving their homes. 

A few students shared what they did during their spring breaks at home.

Gabriela Palos (senior, Psychology) shared her way of passing the time until online classes begin. “I played animal crossing all day,” she said.

Palos isn’t the only one who finds comfort and entertainment in the form of video games. 

Stan State alumnus, Ryan Pust also spent this week playing video games at home. Pust explained the appeal of using games to pass the time. “I play them for a sense of challenge or competitiveness. Some games have rankings and it’s fun to try and get the highest rank there is… it gives me a sense of achievement when I’ve done that in a game I play,” he said.

Aside from the challenge, Pust explained that it’s a way for him to maintain his social life. “If I’m not being competitive, I just like to play with my friends if they just want to mess around and have some fun.”

Michael Rodriguez (first-year graduate student, Public Administration) chose to binge his favorite podcasts during his break. Rodriguez's favorite podcasts include Asian Enough and Crime Junkie.

While some rely on media for entertainment, others may turn to the kitchen. Dr. Shannon Stevens, professor of journalism, explained that she spent her spring break baking.

While some members of our campus community used the break to relax and recover from the stress of school (and the pandemic), others took it as an opportunity to get caught up on work.

Shing Thao (senior, Psychology) said that she spent her break doing homework. Although some of us may need a break from homework to destress, others may be perfectly happy to use the break as a way to get ahead and alleviate some stress in the future. 

Joy Laswler (senior, Fine Arts) also used her break to be productive by getting her car serviced. There are plenty of chores that get pushed aside during the busy semester, and being stuck at home during spring break may just be the perfect time to get to them. 

Because we will all be spending so much time at home this semester, using this time to clean, air out the house, and create a comfortable environment would be especially beneficial. 

As you savor the last few days of your break, try to brainstorm some things that will make you feel especially happy and rejuvenated. Think outside the box! If you miss laying by the ocean, throw on your swimsuit and lay in the sun outside. If you wish you were at the club, throw a virtual dance party with music, colored lights, and have your friends on Facetime. 

However you choose to spend your time, try to remember to take care of yourself and to give yourself an actual break. 

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