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What's spookier than a pandemic during Halloween! This year, we all need to make sure we celebrate spooky season safely. (Illustration by Ethan Hunt)

With social distancing orders and other COVID restrictions, this Halloween will be looking very different for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean that spooky season canceled all together. A few fall lovers are getting creative this year with their October festivities. Whether you prefer cozy or spooky vibes, we’ve gathered a few ideas to celebrate this season.  

Setting the Vibe

An important part of any Halloween celebration is setting the mood. Even if you aren’t throwing any big parties this year, you can still deck out your house with creepy or cozy decorations. A few Stan students have some tips on setting the perfect October vibe.

Lisette Maciel (senior, Psychology) comments that she and her roommates went all out with decorating their apartment this October. 

“Set an afternoon aside to go buy lots of scary decorations and also some kid friendly ones and put some music on while putting them up,” suggests Maciel. 

While you’re decorating your house, you might as well go all the way and decorate yourself too! Costumes are the perfect way to express your creativity and get in the Halloween spirit. Even if you aren’t able to show off your costume in person, you can still have a spooky photo shoot and share your costume on your social media for everyone to see.

Anna Blazzard (senior, Theatre)  comments that “Artists shine during Halloween, and it's fascinating to see how the holiday inspires them to make such cool art, either through their costumes or decorations or even music!”

Halloween at Home

Without the option of trick-or treating, or going to any spooky parties, we have to start getting creative with our celebratory activities. If you are looking to stay inside this Halloween, here are some things that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Blazzard intends to follow some of her original plans for Halloween such as “stocking up on candy, decorating the house, curating Halloween playlists, dressing up, and having a spooky movie marathon on Halloween.” All of these activities can be done without violating any COVID restrictions.

Blizzard comments the only regular activity she chooses not to do is hand out candy to trick or treaters, but “it is to keep everyone safe.” 

Another COVID safe idea is to set up a spooky mystery right in your home. Games like Werewolf are sure to keep you on your toes while also promising a night of fun. Gather your family or roommates and see who is the werewolf among your group. If you want to play with your friends, you can always play the game on Zoom. You can also play many classic games like Pictionary or charades with a Halloween twist. 

If games are not your cup of tea, a Halloween movie night might be the perfect indoor activity. Victoria Bautista (junior, Liberal Studies) is choosing to “watch movies and binge eat candy.” A scary movie is perfect for a spooky, but relaxing Halloween night. 

With any good movie night, there has to be good food. Have a scary Halloween feast! Bake cookies and cook dinner with a Halloween theme. These recipes from Food Network will show you how to create a scary meal.  

Outside October Activities

For those of you who prefer to enjoy Halloween from outside, here are some COVID safe outdoor activities to get you in the October mood.

R.A.M Farms has officially opened the Turlock Pumpkin Patch for some outdoor festivities. Located on 716 North Daubenberger Road, this pumpkin patch is a great place for locals to take pictures, buy pumpkins, and hang out with family. 

Additionally, R.A.M Farms is taking precautions to keep visitors safe amidst the COVID pandemic. All visitors must wear a mask, stay six feet apart, wash hands regularly, and stay home if they are feeling sick. For more information on their safety measures, visit their safety page

Another great outdoor activity is pumpkin carving with friends! Stan State alumna Kylie Cleveland, plans on “carving pumpkins with friends the weekend before [Halloween].” By setting up some outdoor pumpkin carving stations, you could easily stay six feet apart while still enjoying a Halloween tradition with friends. Add a cup of hot apple cider and you have the perfect activity to get you in the October spirit.

Whatever you choose to do this year, it’s important to remember that the pandemic can’t take away all of your fun. It may be more important than ever to celebrate the little fun things in life. With all of the stress and chaos in our world, we all need a little break to dress up our dogs, eat too much candy, and lose ourselves in the magic of Halloween.

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