Life After College

Sequoia Lake Gazebo at Stan State. (Signal Photo/ Andres Guzman)

On Friday, March 5, Stan State's Undocumented Student Services department teamed up with the Male Success Initiative to host a conversation on Zoom about life after college. The conversation was led by a group of students that had recently graduated. They discussed their different post-college experiences. 

The attendees consisted of Stan State alumni and current students and staff. Speakers were clear that sometimes, life after college is not what students may expect when graduating. Many students experienced uncertainty and concern as graduation approached. Juan Medina, a Stan State alumnus, explained that “the toughest challenge was facing different things I was not used to."

Graduating from college is a great accomplishment, but not knowing what the future will hold might worry a lot of students. For some, their next step after graduation is to enter a graduate program. 

Alexandra Cabrera, who is currently in a Master's program at Stan State, offered uneasy students some advice.

As a student, Cabrera realized different weaknesses of hers could be worked on and help her in the long run. “A lot of my differences were also my strengths," she said.

While attending the Master's program, Cabrera has noticed a change in her work and studying habits. “In the masters program, life is no longer about grades but about what you can learn to succeed in your field."

During the meeting, other alumni discussed their decision to enter the workforce after receiving their undergraduate degree.

Medina stated, “One of the most difficult things was transitioning from school to a job that deals with what I studied for."

At first, it may be difficult to use your skills and knowledge acquired in school in a job, but the alumni claim that as you gain experience, it becomes easier to transition into the workforce.

Both the alumni that continued their education and the alumni who began working after school agreed that life immediately after graduation was a confusing time. They also maintained that they made a lot of connections and acquired resources while attending college; they made friends that helped guide them in their post-college steps, and the resources provided by Stan State's Career Services made the transition less stressful.

If you are closing in on graduation and often get nervous when thinking about the “What’s next?” question, all speakers urged that you use the resources provided for you and not to be afraid to ask for help.

Hey! My name is Andres Guzman, I am a young reporter out of the Central Valley and love to learn about everything.

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