Last Wednesday, Stan State Faculty and Students witnessed a timed cooking competition known as the “chopped” cooking challenge. The contest took place at the quad near main dining. 


Students and faculty watched with amusement as four members of the Stan State community competed to win the title of “chopped” cooking challenge champion.


Executive Chef, Caleb Sisco shared his thoughts about the cooking competition. “I absolutely love it... nothing better than us, with Chartwells, teaming up with the campus community and doing something really cool for the students and this is definitely fun and I think it’s great.”


Cooking judge, John Mayer (faculty, Drama Department) explained how he would choose the winner of the competition. “Given the variety of ingredients, anything I can eat and swallow will be in the running.”


“I think taste is going to be more important than presentation,” Mayer said. 


Dr. Christine Erickson, a cooking judge and Vice-President of Student Affairs, explained her criteria. “Well, we have some criteria to follow. We’re looking at the presentation, the taste, and the creativity to the dishes.”


Erickson explained that the purpose of the cooking competition is to show they [students] can make a delicious meal with the food pantry while addressing food insecurity.


Andy Klingelhoefer, Interim Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, was declared the winner of the “chopped” cooking challenge. 


Klingelhoefer shared his reaction of winning the cooking competition. “It feels great because I lost two others at another campus, so this is my first win.”


“You can use the basics and make a good meal,” Klingelhoefer said.


Executive Chef Caleb Sisco announced a "Teaching Kitchen Workshop" for Stan State students to learn how to cook a delicious meal on a budget. 


The event starts on Friday, November 22, 2019. The event will start at 3 p.m. PST.


The Warrior’s Eat “chopped” cooking challenge brings students and faculty together for a fun and exciting competition.

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