Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority Graphic

Signal Graphic created by Samantha Tonarelli for the 'Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority' Zoom event with America's Student Leadership Trainer, Dave Kelly. This graphic represents a leader delegating to others. 

On Wednesday, March 10, Stan State held a "Secrets of Motivation and Delegating Authority" virtual event for its students. The talk featured America’s Student Leadership Trainer, Dave Kelly, who shared his tips relating to effective delegation and motivation

Kelly is an expert on all things revolving around leadership and motivation, having spent over 20 years training leaders in different student government organizations. He dedicates much of his training to college students across the country, guiding them with engaging tools they can put into effect when needed.

Kelly expressed that he does programs like "Secrets of Motivation" for those "who may not even be in a current leadership role but want to know how to motivate and delegate to other people.”

The meeting began with a brief introduction to delegation and leadership. Participants were given a handout to fill out during the virtual event that explained that “delegation is the process of getting things done through others.”

Delegation helps get others involved while gaining skills and experience and is also more efficient and productive. “When you delegate, you’ve got to be able to step back and let people do their job, give them that responsibility,” said Kelly. 

Student Event Coordinator for the Student Organization for Behavioral Analysis (SOBA), Emily Langdon-Lassagne (senior, Ethology), shared that she has previously heard Kelly speak at a club officer orientation. “Every time I come, I learn something new and I really appreciate his insights,” said Langdon-Lassagne.

An important key to delegating as a leader is the act of asking the person. Many times we end up taking on tasks alone because of the fear of rejection. “Never fear ‘No’!" expressed Kelly. "They’re already at no. They're not doing what is that you want them to do, and if you ask them, you might get a yes."

The event was concluded with Kelly sharing a special success story of his, highlighting the true power of motivation. When speaking on the success of the student leader mentioned in the story, Kelly shared that “I know a little bit we had to play in that of encouraging and motivating her.” 

There is an upcoming “Turning Your Vision into a Reality” virtual event with Dave Kelly on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 where students can learn how to create a plan and actively work towards their dreams and goals. 

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