WiFi expansion is slowly coming to Stan State starting with new outdoor study tents and the temporary trailers containing computer labs, WiFi, printers, and library books.

Due to the closure of the Vasche library,  Stan State’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), had no option but to change the school’s technological infrastructure.

Director of Technology Services, Geoffery Cirullo says, “We are currently working on expanding both the indoor and outdoor wireless capacity on campus.”

Expanding the WiFi can be complicated and expensive, especially if  wireless routers were already in place, but financing the work for OIT has not been an issue.

“We borrowed, leveraged, and used grants to do a lot of work without additional campus funding,” says Cirullo.


Circles represent where outdoor WiFi access has been expanded. (Photo courtesy of Geoffery Cirullo)

 Cirullo remembers showing the Kappa Sigma picnic table the new outdoor wireless access point on Bizzini; there were a lot of high fives.

 “It put a smile on my face. Then they all stared at the phones,” he says.

But Darius Roland (senior, Criminal Justice), member of  Kappa Sigma, explains that he was unaware of the outdoor WiFi expansion, “I didn't even know we had outdoor WiFi because it hasn’t been working as good as outdoor WiFi should.” 

“We want better WiFi!” Roland says. 

WiFi Stuends

Kappa Sigma members trying to log into WiFi. (Photo courtesy of Laura Tadeo)

A few feet from the Kappa Sigma table booth, Phi Sigma member Natalia Verduzo (senior, Communication Studies) says, “The WiFi never works for me, no matter where I’m at! I just use my phone’s hotspot while I’m here.”

Art Department

Study Tent by Art Department. (Photo courtesy of Laura Tadeo)

Octavio Silva (senior, History) works on his laptop at the Art Department’s study tent. 

He says, “The WiFi could be better. I don't really feel a difference.  When I pass the gym I don’t get any WiFi over there until I get to the quad, that’s where I get the best WiFi.”


Study Tent at Demergasso-Bava Hall. (Photo courtesy of Laura Tadeo)

At the new study tent by Demergasso-Bava Hall, many students expressed their grief over the shut down of the Vasche Library. “That’s where I would do all my homework,” says Lindsey Valdevinos  (senior, History). 

 She says, “I have to roam around campus to try and find WiFi and if it's not in the computer lab I’m screwed.”

 The internet access  surrounding Stan State  is important to college students, especially when  everything is turned in electronically. 

 Despite the internet trouble, Lindsey Valdevinos adds, “If OIT hadn’t done all this, there wouldn’t have been any places for students to work.” 

Technology Services director, Geoffery Cirullo says,  “I really want to let the students know that if there are issues with wireless access that they should contact the IT help desk, so my team can address it.” 

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