Plenty of Stan State faculty and staff were very excited to come out to meet and support student athlete Warriors. (Signal Photo/Christopher Correa)

All Stan State staff and faculty were invited to take advantage of delicious barbecue and meet with many of the school’s student athletes and coaching staffs during Tuesday’s 3rd Annual Warrior Athletics and Faculty Meet-And-Greet event.

Food was prepared and served by various members of the coaching staffs from different sports. Student athletes who were able to attend the event were encouraged by event organizers and coaches to sit and eat with at least one faculty and staff member.

Assistant athletic director Alissa Aragon explained the purpose of the day’s events. “We want the campus staff and faculty to come out and meet the athletes and the coaches. This is an event where they can get to know these student athletes on a more personal level, instead of just as students in the classroom.”

Aragon added that attendees of the event were given team photos and game schedules in hopes of encouraging them to support Warrior athletes at their games and competitions.

Stan State service learning and academic internship director Julie Fox was one of many staff and faculty members that had the opportunity to meet with some of the student athletes on Tuesday.

Fox explained in further detail why she felt it was important for her to attend the event. “I think it’s great for us to meet the students who are representing Stanislaus State statewide and nationwide. Athletics has a lot to offer. They’ve helped a lot with community service events and they’re really good at giving back. I want to support their efforts.”

Miriam Moreno from the Stan State Office of Service Learning felt as if attending this event is a great opportunity to have a better understanding of who the student athletes really are. She says that she enjoys attending the soccer events with her daughters and that she and her family appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the athletes and to receive the small gifts.

“The fact that they give us the team photos is great. I get to take the pictures home to my daughters, who really enjoy them because they look up to these student athletes. I can also better connect with the players who we always watch play when we go to the games.”

Men's basketball players Jorge Cedano (freshman, Undeclared) and Noah Plain (junior, Communication Studies) were both very excited to meet with event attendees. Cedano says that it’s nice to see the many people who came out to support them and found it fun to mingle with new people. Plain, who is a recent transfer from Louisiana’s Alcorn State University, found the event helpful and welcoming as he continues to adjust to life in the Central Valley. 

Both players made sure to inform event-goers that they are extremely excited about this year’s team and encouraged people to come out and support them and their games and to not miss out on what they think will be a special season. They also urged staff and faculty members to support other athletics teams as well. The two have befriended many of their fellow student athletes and think that their peers can put together successful seasons as well.

Stanislaus State’s athletic department wanted to make sure that members of the campus community realized that the school’s student athletes are just like anybody else. By creating a strong bond between faculty, staff, and the school’s student athletes, there are hopes that the crowds at home sporting events are, not only larger, but a little more familiar.

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