A buzz of excitement ran through Stan State's campus on January 27, at 11 a.m. Students gathered around eagerly to witness the grand opening of the new Stan State Student Center. 


A crowd of people gathered to watch the grand opening of the new Stan State Student Center. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

Taking place on the Warrior Steps, the ribbon cutting ceremony drew a large crowd of Stan State students, faculty and members of the Turlock community. 

With the closing of the library, many students found it difficult to find comfortable spots to study and hang out between classes. After months of anticipation, students are excited to have a place to study, hangout with friends, and enjoy their meals. 

Anicia Torres (junior, Child Development) is a transfer student who came to checkout the Student Center on her first day at Stan. 

Torres commented that the extensive seating will be a great alternative to studying in the cramped rooms offered in the Library Annex. 

According to The New Stan State's website, the new Students Center will include 1,228 lounge seats and 410 seats at the Warrior Grill, offering plenty of space for students who need a place to kick back and relax.

“I have an hour gap and then I’ll have a three hour gap after this class, so I’ll probably be here doing homework,” Torres said while on her way to her next course.

Dining area

A view of one of the social dining areas in the Student Center. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

Many students share Torres’ excitement in having a fun place to hangout in between classes. 

Marie Claire Tardif (freshman, Pre-Nursing) said that she is excited for a place to hang out in because, before the opening of the Student Center, there weren’t many buildings that felt like they were designed for student life. 

Another thing that students are looking forward to is the expansion of the Warrior Grill. 


Students gather at the doors of the much anticipated Warrior Grill. (Signal photo/ Kerry Young)

Stan State students who were on campus before the original Warrior Grill shut down have seemingly been reminiscing about it. As word has gotten out about the Grill's previous existence, newer student’s can’t wait to try the new and updated Student Center Warrior Grill. 

“I hear it’ll be good,” said Flora Cardenes (junior, Child Development and Psychology). 

Ben Graham (junior, Economics) agreed saying, “I’ve never tried the Warrior Grill, but I hear that it was nice.”

One student eating free food at the opening of the Student Union Center

Students enjoying some complimentary snacks. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

In addition to the food, the Warrior Grill has a pool table, darts and a large TV, making it the perfect place to de-stress throughout the school day. 

Finally, students are excited about how the addition of this building will make their campus look. 

“It looks beautiful. It’s an improvement from having the construction walls. It’ll be exciting,” said Graham.

Michael Gura (junior, Business Finance) thinks that the building will be a benefit the campus because it will attract more students. 

“It’s something that highschoolers and transfer students will see that’s brand new, so I think they’ll try to take advantage of going here and experiencing it.”

Tardif agrees that the building will add to our campus’ appearance. “It definitely makes our campus look more modern.”

Not only does the Student Center look more modern, but it also functions that way through it’s design as a sustainable space. According to The New Stan State's website, efforts were made to help the building conserve energy and water

In addition to the grill and the study spaces, the Stan State Student Center will offer a Cross-Cultural center, an e-gaming center and feature various vendors. It is also the new home to the Student Leadership and Development office and the bookstore, which will hopefully eliminate those infamous, last-minute sprints across campus to buy a scantron!

Two individuals having an conversation inside the Student Union Center

Two individuals conversing inside the new Student Center. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

The Stan State Student Center is located next to Main Dining. For more information, visit  their website at https://thenewstanstate.org/.

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