CSU Stanislaus Fall 2021

Inside the CSU Stanislaus Campus May 2021. Photo by Essence Saunders

As the semester comes to an end, students still hold questions about what next semester will look like under the current climate. When speaking to Dr. Rosalie Rush, the Associate Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs here at CSU Stanislaus, she shared the current plans for operations next Fall.

In regard to classes next semester, Rush explained the tentative class schedule that includes in-person, hybrid, and online classes, whose mode will be solidified by May 28, 2021. She mentions that, “the final campus repopulation plan will prioritize educational advancement, as well as the safety and well-being of our campus community.”

Students are advised to continue checking their myStanState portal and the student center for updates leading up to the June 1st, 2021 registration date.

Students concerned about the continuation of in-person classes should know that Stan State intends to maintain strict guidelines on pandemic safety to limit the possibility of the positivity rate on campus increasing, as well as protecting those attending. These guidelines include, continuing to require the use of face coverings and physical distancing observance. Rush also shared the use of “enhanced cleaning and building ventilation and air circulation” as well as “availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), where appropriate.”

Stan State continues to prompt daily health screenings for anyone looking to enter campus as well as COVID testing. This includes those who have been approved for vaccine exemptions.

For the COVID-19 vaccine requirement mandate, the campus has recently acknowledged their intent to enforce this mandate upon FDA approval. Rush explains that, “the Chancellor’s Office is working on the details of how campuses will document and confidentially store vaccination data and enact safety protocols for those who receive exemptions.” Everyone is encouraged to become fully vaccinated by the end of June in preparation for school starting in August.

If students are looking to move on-campus next semester, “on-campus residential housing will open with spaces for 370 residents or about 55% of our Fall 2019 occupancy.” Rush also elaborates that for residents who do move in, will be assigned to individual rooms and will not share bedrooms. For further information on housing, students can call Stan State Housing at 209-667-3675.

Rush explains that the campus is “working tirelessly to make the transition back to campus as seamless as possible,” and suggests that people check the Fall 2021 Planning webpage, found here, and their MyStanStatePortal for information as it becomes readily available.

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