Stanislaus State begins the return back to in-person instruction as repopulation allows more students to return to campus.

For the first time since March 2020, students will begin the repopulation process at Stanislaus State as in-person instruction and select campus services resume. Beginning on October 1, students will begin the return to what used to be considered normal and attend select classes in person.

Many students have waited with varying levels of patience for the opportunity to return to in-person classes while others have yet to take their first steps on the campus that they would have otherwise been overly familiar with.

In an announcement from the Office of the President, President Ellen Junn acknowledges the eagerness shown by many students to return to campus.

“We know that many of you are eager to return to campus life. This would not be possible without the tireless planning, sleepless nights and dedication of my Cabinet and countless key stakeholders including our Senate Executive Committee, Senators and faculty, our Labor Council and Staff Council, our ASI and Student Center leaders, and so many other key administrators, staff and others who worked diligently to carefully plan and focus on safeguarding everyone on campus and in the community.

"We are grateful to those of you who saw the importance of getting vaccinated and universal masking as proven practices that have helped us return to a healthy campus. We are indeed a magnificent Warrior family,” wrote Junn.

With great excitement surrounding the return to campus, there is still a tremendous importance placed on following the protocols regarding COVID-19 that made the repopulation possible in the first place.

All students returning to campus must be fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption, complete a daily screening form prior to arriving on campus, and maintain three feet of physical distance (where possible) in order to be permitted on campus. In addition to this, all individuals must properly wear a face covering, regardless of vaccination status, at all times when in campus buildings and classrooms.

When arriving on campus to attend classes, students will be required to show proof of a completed screening form with results indicating that the individual has met all required criteria in order to attend classes in-person. Students without a digital device available to show proof of the completed screening will be expected to have a physical copy of the results of the screening.

Daily Self Check- Cleared Status

In order to be permitted on campus and attend in-person instruction, students must be cleared by  completing a daily COVID-19 self check. (Screenshot by Anthony Perkins)

For those planning to physically attend class on campus, a list of all requirements to be met can be found on the Stan State website.

While there is significant level of importance placed on following the proper protocols meant to make the campus as safe as possible for everyone, the policies are not meant to put a damper on the long-awaited return to campus.

For many students who have not had the opportunity to attend classes on campus, there is potential for the experience to be overwhelming due to unfamiliarity with a new environment. Students and faculty curious to what services are currently offered on campus can check out a previous Signal article written by Kristen Platts discussing the topic here.

As the plans to fully repopulate and return to what many students consider “normal” the opportunity for some classes to return to an in-person setting shows progress being made as the entire campus community continues to adapt to the everchanging situations presented by the pandemic.

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