Founders of Organic Social X

Karina Meza (left) and Christian Martinez (right) out in the quad showcasing Organic Social Exposure to Stan State students. (Signal Photo/Abrianna Munoz) 

Organic Social Exposure, is  a chalkboard truck that creates ideas, chance to win local scholarships, and coupons for local business. This interactive marketing agency is here to serve the students. 


Coupons provided by Organic Social Exposure ready to give away to students. (Signal Photo/Abrianna Munoz)

Christian Martinez, founder of Organic Social Exposure shares his aspirations for the chalkboard truck and how it came to be about.

Martinez says, “Our company is focused on engagement, we’re here promoting local businesses in Turlock to direct traffic because Stanislaus State is a commuter school and because of that a lot of students go to experience their home town instead of the city of Turlock.” The idea for the truck started out as a fun idea to Martinez when he was a student at Stanislaus State. “If I could get chalkboard paint on a truck i’d be the coolest guy on campus,” Martinez said.

The truck was not only Martinez’s idea, but also Tyler Schripsema, a Stanislaus State alumni who passed away shortly after graduation was very creative and involved on campus.“We talked a lot our aspirations and how we are going to change the world one unique idea at a time,” said Martinez. 

Martinez plans to dedicate the truck to Tyler.  “He [Tyler] was very influential on me like a lot of people I met on campus. Tyler never got to use his degree so I wanna give students the experience before they graduate to make sure they are building their resume to help them get the career they want," Martinez said. 

Karina Meza, co founder of Organic Social Exposure discussed the importance wanting to better serve our city and our community as a whole. Martinez says, “We have paired up with a lot of local businesses, the coupons offer super exclusive deals and we are trying to reach out to students and to go out to these local businesses to build that student and local business relationship”. 

Students participating

Kaydon Potter (junior/Business) participating in nerf games for a chance to win some discounts from local businesses. (Signal Photo/Abrianna Munoz)

Christian and Karina were here for Warrior Wednesday promoting Organic Social Exposure and showing a preview of what is to come, hopefully here at Stan State.


Jeff Banga-an (junior/Business) and Karamjit Saini (junior/Business) hanging out in the housing/residential area after stopping by the quad. (Signal Photo/Abrianna Munoz) 

Karamjit Saini (junior, Business) said, “I was walking by and I was genuinely interested in this chalkboard, so I came decided to come to the booth.” Saini  thinks this is a good idea because they are working with local business to both promote their business and give students awesome discounts. 

Jeff Banga-an (junior, business) feels it’s a good way to interact with students. “I am honestly very excited to see how big Organic Social grows within the Stan State community. I live on campus and so I think it would be a good idea to integrate all of these opportunities to the residence of the housing and residential life community”

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