Stan State President Ellen Junn presents an glass plaque to CEO Jeff Grover

Stan State President Ellen Junn presents an glass plaque to CEO Jeff Grover (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

Last Monday, Stan State students attended the Champions of the American Dream Event with Speaker CEO Jeff Grover at the Snider Recital Hall at 4 PM PST. CEO of Solecon Industrial Contractors, Jeff Grover, was this year’s honoree.


CEO Jeff Grover talked about how he became a businessman and his previous work experience. He then took the time to answer question asked by Stan State students.


The main purpose of the event is for the speaker to share their insight and expertise.


Taylor Galya (senior, Business Administration) was interested in hearing his background story about balancing business and family values.“My family is into farming and ranching, I just hear his background on how he’s started up with nothing and struggling. That’s something my family went through.”


Galya recommends to come to this event even if they don’t “relate” to Grover’s almond business. “It just good for any student to hear their experiences and know there’s different options than just what people may say,” Galya said.


Speaker Jeff Grover felt “pleased” with the recognition from Stan State as an honoree. “I appreciate the recognition from the community on the career we had and I enjoyed the time with the groups and with my daughters," Grover said.


Grover offered one more piece of advice to students. “If they learn and become experts in what they study. There’s going to be a job for them so that their families can thrive in the future and have great careers,” Grover said.


Jefferson Banga-an (senior, Business Administration) thought that the speaker spoke about “reality." “You can’t really learn common sense. Obviously, common sense is a big factor of the individual and the company," Bang-an said.


“I really like there’s a lot of people who came, who are interested about the entrepreneurial site,” Banga-an said.


Matthew Linker (senior, Business Admin with concentration of Marketing) gave his thoughts about the speaker. “I had been to past events like this before and I did like how the speaker presented. He’s a little bit more funnier. It’s not so stiff.”


“One thing I learned today is that if you really have this idea and you really want to pursue it. Try to figure out a way to not only help you and the community as well,” Linker said.


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