Intramural Schedule 2018

The 2018 Intramural Schedule (Signal Photo/Adino Byrd.)

College athletes are not the only ones who are able to enjoy sports during their time at Stan State.

The spring 2018 intramural schedule is now available to students who are interested in participating. Among the intramural offerings are dodgeball, basketball and soccer.

Makenzie Martin, (junior, Social Sciences) looks forward to participating in intramural sports this semester.

“I love the idea of intramural sports; I think it gives students the chance to connect with other students and to go out and get active,” said Martin. “It also is really great because it is competitive, but still fun and allows for others to grow in the sport they love.”

Besides making new connections with Stan State students, playing on an intramural team is a great way to stay active and play sports, even if joining a Warrior Athletics team isn’t your cup of tea.

Student Recreation Center (SRC) and Stan State alumni Victor Lucatero (Informal Recreation/ Intramural Programs Specialist, Stan State) said there are lots of reasons students participate in intramural sports.

“Students choose to play intramural sports…for the social interaction, the stress relief, and because it is a way for those who used to play sports to continuing playing,” Lucatero said.

While intramural sports require that you play on a team, students do not necessarily have to organize their own. Other options include registering as a free agent or putting in a request to join a specific team of interest. Over at the SRC they have it covered.

To join a team for this semester, get some friends together, head to the student rec center, pay the small fee of $10 per event you choose and you’re ready for a great intramural sports season.

Bianca Rush, (alumni, Business) wished she knew more about intramural sports while she attended the school.

“That’s pretty cool that they offer that,” Rush said, “If I was still going to school I would have participated. It could have been my way to get back into soccer!”

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