Schuyler Becker headphones

Schuyler Becker, a (freshman English) ponders what song to listen to on her walk to class. (Signal/Harry Harris)

If you look around the campus at Stan State, there's a common theme of students walking from class to class with their headphones on, probably with their music turned all the way up.

People as a whole are influenced by music in many ways and enjoy various genres of music. For some, the music is merely just entertainment as they walk across campus, while it's used as a mechanism to focus and relax before class. 

Eduardo Avila Chavez (senior, History) said that the music helps him pass the time during long walks on campus, but also said, "Sometimes I listen to music that helps me relax...just to go into class feeling relaxed and ready to learn."

While some students use it to relax as they head to their next class, others find music as a tool to sharpen their focus ahead of a busy day. Alejandro Aguilar (junior,Business Administration) and Schuyler Becker (freshman, English) agree that music helps block out noise and prepare for their upcoming classes. 

While many share the same reasoning for listening to music, genres vary form person to person. Sofia Martin (sophomore,General Agriculture) pointed out that her music taste depends on what kind of day it is, but, "It's always stuff to pump me up around school." She added that having her headphones on was usually to block out noise or pass the time.

The beautiful thing about music is that there are genres for every mood, every type of weather and so much more, making it the perfect form of entertainment amid the hustle and bustle at Stan State. 

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