Last Thursday night, the Stan State Women’s Soccer Team played the Cal State Monterrey Bay Otters at 7 p.m. on the Warriors Stadium near the Al Brenda track.


At the start of the first half within 34 seconds, forward Sadie Ortiz (senior, Kinesiology) scored the first goal for the Warriors.


In the 9th minute, Ortiz scored again for the Warriors.


Four minutes later at the 13th minute, Ortiz scored a hat-trick with her third goal of the night.


Ortiz explained how she was able to get the hat-trick in the first half. “We [the soccer team] played really well together and just came out with intensity, get the ball, and put the ball in the back of the net as soon as possible.”


The first half ended with a score of 3-0. This later became the final score of the game.


Head Coach, Gabriel Bolton, explained how the team’s performance won the game. “We came out with a lot of intensity and right away went on the attack. That’s what our game plan was, to attack them relentlessly, to put the ball in the net. It only took 20 seconds for the first one to come.”


“We created a lot of chances in the game. I’m very pleased with the effort and it’s really a testament to the mentality of the team,” Bolton said.


Goalkeeper Alyssa Herrman (senior, Social Science) thought the defense did very well in this game. “[We] have much better communication in the back and compactness and talking to each other which last game we struggled with and we fixed that.”


“It’s a little hard to stay in the game because I would go for like twenty minutes without having the [soccer] ball really come in the half. That’s the hardest thing for goalies to do is to stay in the game because it really comes down to a save,” Herrman added.


“There’s a couple of times that I was like 'do I need to wake up?’ and after that I think I was good,” Herrman said.


Defender Megan Stavish (senior, Communication Studies) shared thoughts about how the team won the game. “I think we have really great defense and offense today and that was leading up to our success. Also, an amazing connection in throughout the whole back-line.”


“We had the best communication so far this season in that aspect,” Stavish said.


The Warrior Soccer Team is now 7-4 in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Conference as they played their final game before the CCAA Championships.


Stan State Warriors will play the Cal State East Bay Pioneers on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at the Warriors Stadium near the Al Brenda Track. The game will start at 2 p.m. PST.

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