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Music is something that is unique to every culture. In some cultures it is one of the key aspects that makes us who we are. Whether we grow up listening to a certain type of music or barely get into it in our adult life, cultural music is something we have all heard at one point or another.

Growing up, I didn’t listen to a lot of Punjabi music. When I was younger Bollywood was what I listened to. It wasn’t until I reached college that I started listening to Punjabi music because a majority of my friends were Punjabi and that is what they listened to. Now, I can name the lyricist, director, and singer of any Punjabi song.

People always have certain types of music they want to listen to. Some people prefer soft and light music while others want something that makes them want to dance.

Gursewak singh (junior, Finance) is an example of one of these types of people.

“Music depends on each person's taste and mood and everyone has different taste. I personally like more Bhangra songs full of bass most of time. Other times I  like to listen to Sufi songs by Satinder Sartaj,” Singh said.

There are so many Punjabi artists, and yet some of them still need more recognition.

“There is so much young talented people  in India who do not have any platform(s) or money to prove their talent. The singer Sajjan Adeeb needs more recognition because everyone knows and is talking about his song Ishqan  De Lekhe. I heard it after so many years and it's such a beautiful song with deep lyrics,” Singh said.

Gurman  Mattu (junior, Accouting) also had someone in mind that needed more recognition.

Sidhu Moose Wala needs more recognition,” Mattu said.

A majority of Bollywood songs are now remakes of Punjabi songs.

For some artists it is a big deal to get a recording contract with a Bollywood film.

“Remaking of Punjabi songs is just like putting old wine in a new bottle. I think it's so easy and cheap for bollywood film producers. On the other side it's not good for new talents in music and also not good for this art. Old song remixed with some rap in it devalues the original one. I think piracy ruins our Punjabi music industry and important thing is making money by songs," Singh said. "Once a writer sells a song to a singer, the  writer does not have any right on the song after that. So, after the singer fully made that song and they release it to make money, how many of us buy original instead of downloading free? I think no one, right? So, For money I think the singer goes to Bollywood because they got more paid by them and making easy money."  

Mattu notices one problem with Punjabi singers and the remake of the song. 

“I think it's a good thing that they are remaking Punjabi songs to Hindi songs, but the Punjabi artist should be given credit in the Hindi music somehow,” Mattu stated.

Sukhsarn Johal (senior, Kinesiology) finds music is just a way to relax, regardless of what type it is.

“All I know is that people listen to music because it takes them away from reality,” Johal said.

Her favorite is Jasmine Sandlas.

“I think her voice is unique and her songs are always ones that people can sing and dance along to,” she said.  “I hope to get to see her live someday.”

As for me, I listen to anything from bhangra, to sad, to tappe, I really don’t have a kind. Chances are you will find me on the dancefloor, regardless of what artist is playing.

My favorite singer is Guru Randhawa. I would stay awake until 2:00 a.m. when he would release a song because it would release at 10:00 a.m. India time. My favorite song of his is actually a collaboration he did with another one of my favorite singers, Millind Gaba, and it is called Yaar Mor do. The music video and the lyrics are pure genius and will definitely make people appreciate their friends and the time they have with them.

Here are a few of my favorite Punjabi songs that I think everyone should check out:

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