Resumes, cover letters, and preparing for an interview are a major part of the job hunting process, but what you wear says just as much. Last Wednesday, Career Services held a Warrior Career and Internship Fair in the Mary Stuart Rogers building (MSR) where Stan State students had the opportunity to dress up and give their best impression to local and corporate businesses.

“First impressions really count, especially when looking for an internship, job, or just making connections," said Evelyn Ramos from Career Services. "You want to be intentional about how you dress. If you are able to dress up it shows that you took the time to think about what you’re wearing, and it sends a message that you’re thinking like a professional.”

Career Services Team

Left to Right: Jaskaran Dhesi, Rebecca Stephens, and Evelyn Ramos, the Career Services Team at their booth at the Career Fair. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo) 

Jaskaran Dhesi (Career Services) agreed that first impressions are important. “As an employee you are a representative of the employer so your first impression shows the employer that you can be a good representative of them in any professional setting,” said Dhesi.

Judy Rodriguez, an employee from F&M bank and career fair attendee, said she expects professional dress from potential employees.

Judy Rodriguez

Judy Rodriguez (F&M Bank) with a student at Career Fair. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo) 

“I look for professionalism in my company. When I work at F&M bank I have to dress professionally so I expect them to be as well,” said Rodriguez.

In regards to the Career Fair, Rodriguez received the impressions she was looking for from Stan State students. “Many were dressed very nicely. Very sharp, very smart, and very kind kids. I like that they shake your hand and were very respectful,” said Rodriguez.

There are some agencies in which it is okay to dress casually in the workplace, such as B.E.S.T (Behavioral & Educational Strategies & Training). They provide behavior treatment to individuals with autism, as well as individuals with developmental disabilities.


B.E.S.T representatives at the Career Fair. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo) 

“Our job is unique because we are asking them to play with kids and be active, so for us if you are coming in more relaxed outfit it’s okay. But you need to look like you want to be here and you are put together,” said a representative from B.E.S.T.

Career Services helps students find clothing at a reasonable price with events such as their “JCPenny Suit-Up For Success” event on Feb. 23, in which Stan State received a 40% off discount on professional attire and free mini makeovers at Sephora inside JCPenny just by showing their Warrior ID. Career Services are also working on building a "Warrior Wardrobe" on campus to help students who need free professional wear for interviews.

Students again have the chance to dress to impress potential employers at Meet The Firms Night, hosted by the Student Success Center, this Thursday March 5 in the Fitzpatrick Arena from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


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