Studying for finals
With finals approaching, students are utilizing all of their studying tips and tricks. (Photo courtesy of Helloquence on Unsplash)

It’s the most stressful time of the semester. Finals are approaching, and Stan State students are scrambling to find the most effective ways to stay on top of homework and study for finals. Here are some tips on how to prepare for finals.

The most common tip that students tend to follow is reviewing their notes daily. Attending class lectures and writing down notes isn’t enough; you need to review them everyday until the material is stuck in your brain.

“You should keep looking back at your notes from the day you learned it to the day of the final,” says Brian Ayala (freshmen, Psychology). 

Another common tip students suggest, and possibly the most important, is to get a good night sleep before the day of the final. Desiree Vega (freshmen, Sociology) strongly believes that sleep is a necessity. “Always get a full eight hour sleep before the exam, period.”

Gemma Keane, professor in the English department, states that the best way to prepare for finals is “to start as early as possible.” As soon as you are given your assignment, start working on your study plan.

Having a well thought out study plan will lead you to study more effectively, according to The Princeton Review. When creating a study plan, the best way to decide what to study is prioritizing, another tip The Princeton Review adds. Study what you know for sure will be on the test first, and then study what might be on the test last.

If studying on your own isn’t working, try to find a way to squeeze tutoring into your study schedule. The tutoring center is a great place to go for extra help on material students are struggling with. 

“Tutoring is a great opportunity for students to work one-on-one with a tutor that is knowledgeable in that specific subject,” added Ramika Badelboo, a tutor at the Writing Center. 

You can go sign in for walk-ins now at LX 14, in the Library Annex.

“The Writing Center has extended hours during finals,” Keane added. The Writing Center is open for those who need help with final papers. 

Don’t forget to find time for breaks and relaxation. Monica Sanchez (junior, Kinesiology), says every once in awhile students should just “enjoy doing nothing and enjoy taking naps."

The most important tip for students to remember is to “find ways to stay motivated and mentally focused” said Keane. Students should look for as many ways as they can to stay motivated. Whether it’s a small reward like a dessert, or a big one like imagining how great your future will be, having a taste of motivation will help you work. Do whatever you need to do to stay focused, and remember to maintain discipline.

“It’s not as bad as you think it is. We just have to breath and remind ourselves it’s going to be okay,” Keane added. 

Remember, these tips are merely suggestions. Everyone has their own ways of studying. Find what tips work best for you, and good luck on your finals!

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