Gamers from all over the Central Valley gathered around Nintendo Switch setups in the Mary Stuart Rogers building yesterday for the first Stan State Gaming Club’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.

The tournament was open to Stan State students and the public, players and spectators alike. Even casual players were invited to come out and play other video games.


Commentators getting into the match. (Signal Photo/ Briannah Owen)

There was a total of 61 players at the event. Players competed for three top prizes of $60, $30, and $10.

Phil Lout traveled from Chowchilla to compete. He has been competing in Super Smash Bros. for 2 years.

Lout said, “I really like it. Everyone’s super cool, super nice, [it's] really well ran” about the tournament. He added that he will “definitely” attend the next one.


Phil Lout takes on a challenger. (Signal Photo/ Briannah Owen)

The event had players in good spirits despite their placement.

“Competition wasn’t what I expected. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I was genuinely having a good time,” said Justin Valencia (freshman, Computer Science).

The event was live broadcasted on Twitch. Several commentators took turns describing the fights.

Top Smash Bros. player, Thomas “Stryker” Buantello took home first place.

Justin and Thomas

Justin Valencia (left, freshman, Computer Science) takes on Thomas “Stryker” Buantello (right). (Signal Photo/ Briannah Owen)

Details for the next tournament are still being worked out. Kevin Phan (sophomore, Business) said “we’re planning it for next month for Smash.”

Phan added that other competitive video game tournaments were in talks.

The Stan State Gaming Club plans on making these competitions a regular event for everyone in the future. Details for next month’s tournament will be announced at a later date.


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