Christen and Wonoula

President Wonoula Olagunju (left) with Vice President and Homecoming Queen Christen Wynne (right) (Photo Courtesy of Christen Wynne)

Since the return of Black Student Union (BSU), its members have been striving to promote unity and inclusion across campus. During Black History Month, BSU has held fun and educational events to get involved in. After a successful "Paint Night", students are looking forward to the "Black Ball" this Saturday. 


Joining BSU

Ashton Holmes (senior, Art) is in charge of the club's Marketing. He said that what brought him to BSU was wanting to “see more people that look like me because it’s kind of hard to find on the campus and meeting people that I had things in common with that I couldn’t really talk about with people who aren’t Black.”

For Tate Thomasson (senior, Liberal Studies), the club's Communication liason, it was the sense of community that drew her to the club. She said, "The black population on campus is so small, it’s like 2%, and like no one in my class was Black… in liberal studies, which is teaching, there aren’t many students of color.”

Even though Thomasson is used to, “being the only Black person in class,” she added that she wished there were more students of color, “because it’s teaching, and you want to see a variety of different teachers.”

“The people, oh my gosh, the people is what makes BSU, BSU. We always have fun, we could just kick it with music and have a good time and I’ve made so many really great relationships and friendships” said BSU Vice President, Christen Wynne (junior, Communications) about what has kept her in BSU.

Paint and Sip

Students channeled their creativity at  BSU's "Paint and Sip" event (Photo Courtesy of Ashton Holmes).


Having many organizations, means that there are many opportunities to be had. BSU is no different.

Recently, Wynne won Homecoming Queen on February 7th earning $600 and the title for BSU.

“Winning felt amazing,” said Wynne. “I was so shocked and hearing all of my BSU people screaming my name and stuff, I was like ‘this is so surreal,’ but yeah it was great and it definitely put BSU on the map”

Even though winning felt surreal, Wynne initially wasn’t going to do it, but was eventually pushed by BSU President, Wonuola Olagunju (Biological Sciences, senior).

“Our president just kind of signed me up… and so I was debating if I really wanted to do it or not and then once I tried to back out she was like “it’s too late” Wynne said.

Being President

With any organization, taking the responsibility of being the President is big, but Olagunju is happy with the responsibility.

“Being president is a really huge job but it’s something I really enjoy as well,” said Olagunju.

The responsibilities of being President include being the face of the organization, answering questions, giving your opinion, making sure the board is operating fine, making sure the students are heard about any number of issues.

Olagunju added that even though, “Being President for the first years of any organization is a pretty rocky start… I feel like I’m doing a fairly good job with my board beside me.”

The Black Ball

Black Ball Flyer

Flyer for the Black Ball (Photo Courtesy of Ashton Holmes). 

One of the most anticipated events for BSU is the Black Ball this Saturday, February 23rd.

“What I’m looking forward to right now for the spring semester is our Black Ball. This is the second annual one that we have and our theme is the Wiz. If you’ve ever seen that movie it’s a really great movie based off the “Wizard of Oz” and we would just love for all students to stop by,” Olagunju said.

“I’m really looking forward to the Black Ball. That is going to be everything, It’s themed the Wiz, Emerald City, and we’re so excited. We got all our decorations and I can’t wait to see everyone dressed up with heels and their nice attire,” Wynne said.

Olagunju also teased a possible “black graduation.”

“Something that we’re working on the developing stages of is having an actual black graduation on this campus. We’re getting in the beginning stages of that like the committees are being formed, but hopefully we’ll have that by the end of this semester and if not maybe the next year for the next group of black graduates,” Olagunju said.

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