Stan State's freshman convocation kicks off the new school year by welcoming approximately 600 new warriors. 

At freshman convocation, there were a variety of fun activities to participate in as well as helpful services being advertised. 

Polet Hernandez, the Dreamers Project Coordinator, was there providing services for undocumented students. These services that they provide include lawyers for immigration services, and a support system for them and their families.

“Talking to students who identify as undocumented students and really providing a safe zone for them is really important, just affirming that they are going to be supported on campus,” said Hernandez. 

Jen Sturtevant a Stan State employee mentioned how the students were intrigued by these services, “the students have been actively involved and seemed genuinely interested in the services provided to them by the campus community,” she added. 

Jocelyn Castellanos, Interim Program Advisor, noticed the excitement in the new students. 

“It seems like they are excited, especially for all the activities that we are going to provide for them throughout the year.”  

To make this happen ASI split into small committees each focusing on a different area of the convocation, “We work together in little internal committees within ASI and student center and we just had a conversation at the beginning of summer of what we wanted to provide for students for convocation, what kind of activities, giveaways and then we just separated responsibilities and just made it happen.” said Castellanos.

Amani Tahsen (freshman, Sociology) is excited yet nervous for her first year here at Stan State and is looking forward to joining some clubs on campus, “For my first year I want to be more connected than I was in high school, I was more of a quiet person.” 

Stan State had caught Tahsen’s eye because of the atmosphere, her friend Bih Roseline Kelly (freshman, Biology) added how she loves the water features and the small animals. 

Stan State’s strong Liberal Studies program was one of the main attractions for Serena Ramirez (freshman, Liberal Studies). “I heard that the teaching program is great. I plan to be a teacher.”

Another reason more students are choosing Stan State is because of its convenience. Located in the heart of the Central Valley, Stan State is an affordable and convenient choice for students from all around the valley. 

 Alicia Lugo (freshman, Agriculture) says “It’s close by to where I live, so I won't have to commute as far.”

With their first semester at Stan just around the corner, these freshmen have a lot to be excited for. Lugo is excited to meet new friends and have a fun experience. Ramirez looks forward to the college experience and a new campus environment. 

The 2023 graduating class is eager to start their time being a Warrior. Welcome class of 2023!



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