Forward Sadie Ortiz (senior, Kinesiology) attempting to pass the soccer ball.

Forward Sadie Ortiz (senior, Kinesiology) attempting to pass the soccer ball. (Signal Photo/ Randel Montenegro)

The Stanislaus State Women’s Soccer Team played Chico State Wildcats on Wednesday, October 30th, at the Warriors Stadium next to the Al Brenda Track.

The Wildcats started out with their first and only goal during the 18th minute of the game. The first half of the game ended with the Wildcats holding the lead by one.

During the second half, down by one, the Warriors managed to tie the game with a goal. The goal was scored by Forward/Midfielder Illena Rivera (junior, Kinesiology).

Rivera shared her experience when scoring the goal to tie the game. “I was excited. I felt we’re the better team and we deserve at least going back in the net...”

Five minutes after the first goal, the Warriors scored to take the lead in the second half. The goal was scored by Forward Sadie Ortiz (senior, Kinesiology).

Ortiz mentioned after the game, “It’s like we're up and we’re trying to keep our goals scoring. Keep it out of our defensive path. Just keep the ball and hopefully keep the momentum again.”

The game ends with the Warriors winning the match with the score of 2-1.

Head Coach, Gabriel Bolton, thought both the offense and the defense did exceptionally great during the second half. “I think it’s a mindset of just being more aggressive; we just weren’t being aggressive enough in the first half.”

“The point of the game is to score goals. We just talk about having a purpose in our position and being more aggressive and going forward,” Bolton said.

Forward/Midfielder Illena Rivera, (junior, Kinesiology), shared how the team won the game. “Our defense is stepping up and motivates the front offense to stepping up and pull it in the back of the net.”

The Stan State Warriors Women’s Soccer Team is 7-3-0 in the CCAA Conference. The Warriors extended their two-game winning streak as they will play three games at home before the CCAA Championships.

Stan State Women’s Soccer team will play the Sonoma State Seawolves on November 1st.


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