Over the course of the semester, the Diversity Center has hosted multiple ‘Paint and Sip’ sessions. The latest one focused on recognizing the Dreamers and DACA recipients of the campus community.

Every session usually focuses on one theme. The first ‘Paint and Sip’ was hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU) earlier this semester.

Dr. Aletha Harven, the event organizer, BSU's advisor and Faculty Lead at the Diversity Center, said, “I really wanted to recognize our Dreamers, and I think so much more needs to be done to recognize our Dreamers, to help our Dreamers here on this campus.”

Students like Ma Deysi Cervantes (senior, Psychology), who is a DACA recipient, are grateful for events like this because they can feel safe.

“I can be open about it, I know others won’t judge, and I won’t feel attacked,” said Cervantes.  

The themes for the ‘Paint and Sip’ series are chosen by Dr. Harven who focuses on what is relevant and what the students are talking about around her.

“I think about all the different topics I discuss in my own classes, and I started thinking about all the different months, and I started thinking about all the different students that come through here (the Diversity Center),” said Dr. Harven.  

Previous themes have included pride and women empowerment.

During the ‘Paint and Sip’ events, students can follow along with an art piece while also putting their own style on it as they paint. 

Dr. Harven invites student artists to lead the 'paint and sip' events. 

Raquel Guerrero (senior, Geography) has attended multiple ‘Paint and Sips’ sessions and finds art relaxing and fun. She encouraged students to attend the sessions because “you’ll always end up with a good product.”

The final ‘Paint and Sip’ will take place on May 2nd in the Diversity Center from 5-7 p.m. In order to attend the event, you must RSVP beforehand by emailing Dr. Harven at aharven@csustan.edu.

Update: This article has been updated to include Dr. Harven's title as BSU's advisor and the Faculty Lead at the Diversity Center and her invitation for student artists to lead the 'paint and sips.'

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