Last Friday, Stan State students and faculty participated in an hour-long exercise program which is led by Kinesiology 4900 students. Many students focus on each exercise session and took minute breaks before resuming to the next session of exercises.

The Kins Fit program took place at the Fitzpatrick Arena right near the Outdoor Tents which most of the exercises were located.

The program’s goal is to get “everybody” to participate in an hour-long workout and to create a working relationship between students and faculty.

Sean Fjellström (senior, Kinesiology) stated that the program is meant for the senior curriculum as a capstone for service learning. “It benefits us because we get to apply the knowledge we have,” Fjellström said.

Abram Galvez (senior, Computer Science and Business Administration) thought that the program is “exciting” and “awesome” for students who have never been to an exercise program. “I really like the fact they have a class where we get put into practice what they learn over the years,” Galvez said.

Janice Herring (faculty, Kinesiology) thought the program is a great service to the faculty on campus. “I want to put a challenge out to faculty and staff to come out and give it a try,” Herring said.

Kinesiology students who participate on behalf of service learning led the program to help educate some students to learn about the variety of exercises.

The exercises range from planks to strength training to rope exercises, which students can partake in these techniques in order to accomplish their goals.

Keng Vue (senior, Kinesiology) who was given the opportunity to train the faculty and students on the program gave his thoughts about this experience. “Every time you begin to do something, there’s always nerves in you. Once, you get things rolling and you see how everyone is enjoying the work out. It’s a great feeling,” Vue said.

Kinesiology students took turns switching the role of instructor among themselves. Then they would rearrange for the next exercise session.

Colton Myers (senior, Kinesiology with Exercise Science Concentration) thought that the program is a wonderful chance for Kinesiology students to improvise their leadership.“We can get some immediate feedback from people who are professionals at doing this kind of stuff. I think it’s a good learning opportunity and built professionalism,” Myers said.

Dr. Eric Conrad (faculty) thought that the program is good for the students but “terrible” for his own experience because he doesn’t enjoy participating in the exercises which he finds it “hard” and “tiring”. “It’s a fantastic event and experience. One, it gets our students involved in what they are studying and learning. Two, I think it provides a way to extend that opportunity to the campus community,” Conrad stated.

The Kins Fit program is open to all students, faculty and staff which offers a professional connection between students and professors. Additionally, the program is available from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4 to 5 PM. The student-led program ends on November 8, 2019.

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