Last Wednesday, Stan State students celebrated Veteran’s Day at the Student Services Building Room 113. The event is known as "Thank A Veteran."


The purpose of the celebration is to honor and thank all veterans who served their country while sharing the impact and significance of Veteran’s Day.


The celebration lasted for five hours as students had conversations and read thank you cards about how students have been impacted by people who served in the military.


Some thank you cards were written by students anonymously and others were written with their names on the card.


There were profiles of students that served their country posted on the 'Wall of Honor,' which included information such as which branch they served and their hometown. 


University President, Ellen Junn, visited the event to show her support for student veterans at Stan State. “We have to do more...and many other events to commemorate, thank, recognize and really showcase our veterans who served our country.” 


“They [veterans] are coming back to get their college education and we want to make sure that our campus is responsive in acknowledging, thanking and supporting our fantastic veterans," Junn said.


Justina Castillo (senior, Psychology) shared her thoughts about the event. “I feel like it’s more personal and it’s more imitate.” 


Gullermo Solorio (senior, Psychology) discussed how the event went for him. “It exceeded expectations, even though the event is very low-key. There’s a great turnout.”


“We just really want to highlight their services, notice them, recognize them, recognition overall,” Solorio said. 


Students engage in learning the perspectives of family members whose loved ones are serving in the military. 


Ruby Aguilar (graduate Student, Social Work) discussed learning different perspectives from the veteran families. “We share experiences. It's just that commonality. Even though we are from different, separate, branches of the military.”


Stan State students gave thanks to the veterans for their honorable and significant contribution to serving their country.

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