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President Austin White (junior, English) explains what HTML means to a website. (Signal Photo/ Briannah Owen)

The Stan State Computer Science club held their second workshop today, April 16, 2019, in their 3-part workshop series. Today’s workshop was called the “Build and deploy your first website.”

Last week during the club's first workshop, they covered Microsoft Azure. To read about it click here.

The workshop was led by club president Austin White (junior, English) as he showed students how to build and use their own website.

White said “Web building is basically just creating an HTML file. So basically, HTML is what you see when you access a website."

For those unfamiliar with HTML, this is what is seen when you are scrolling through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

This workshop focused on students interested in website development. The goal was to help students build their own website from scratch and avoid paying a fee.

Students were given a URL to sign up through to begin this process.

White walked students through the process with a PowerPoint showing students step by step what codes they needed to use to structure their website.

He showed students how to use HTML codes to make their website stand out with the use of different fonts, images, and links. 

Autumn Pinkney (freshman, Computer Science) said that this workshop was a lot quicker paced compared to the last one.

She said she enjoyed “being exposed to other programming languages, like I am so used to Java in my computer science course. Being exposed to HTML or CSS, that was pretty cool to me.”

Once students were done with customization, they were shown how to make, purchase, and protect their URL website names.

Jasmin Cornejo, (junior, Computer Science) said she learned how to host her website on a server. She add that her favorite part about building the website was adding a kitty with a donut image to her page. 

Afterwards, students shared and compared their websites with each other.

White said “I think that a lot of people gained confidence and their own skills because they learned how to develop a website firsthand.”

Students of any major are encouraged to attend the workshops and join the club.

The final workshop of the series is next Tuesday at 5 PM in Demergasso-Bava Hall, room 113. The workshop will cover iOS, which is the software used in Apple products. 

The club will be hosting their Hackathon next weekend on Saturday, April 26th at 8 AM.

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