The Black Student Union (BSU) celebrated Black History month by holding their ‘paint and sip’ event which featured students painting an afrocentric themed portrait in contribution to African culture. Students of many nationalities united in the Diversity Center to support BSU.

BSU’s marketing coordinator, Ashton Holmes (senior, Art) led the paint night and decided to promote emphasis towards celebrating Black History Month. Holmes states, “This is a month to celebrate not only ourselves but to encourage diversity.”

The Black Student Union is open to all cultures and hopes to show awareness for black students. Krystal Williams (sophomore, Criminal Justice) stated, “I didn’t feel well represented on campus, so I wanted to be apart of something that I felt like I empathize with because it is who I am. I hope people understand that BSU is not all being Black, it is about being apart of a community who spends time with each other and enjoys being together”

Jaelene Diggs (sophomore, Criminal Justice) wants to highlight the importance of minorities by empowering one another, stating that we [Stanislaus State] are a school made up of primarily minorities. 

Diggs states, “I wants us minority kids to get involved, especially kids like me who are not from here, but being around kids who are like me, helps me get more involved”.

The friendly atmosphere of the paint night led students that weren’t members of the club to be interested in what they had to offer. Diana Zepeda (sophomore, Chemistry) said, “I want to start being apart of BSU because everyone is very connected and it feels nice to be apart of another culture”.

Vantaija Warren (sophomore, Criminal Justice) explains, “I joined because I wanted to support Black people, me being Black it was important for myself.” 

The Black Student Union advocates for African American entrepreneurs and celebrates inclusivity amongst all ethnicities. The next event BSU will hold is their 2nd annual Black Ball, which is scheduled for Sat. Feb. 23 in the SRC Gym. 

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