Last Monday morning on Veterans’ Day, Dr. Brian Morsony hosted an astronomy event known as the ‘Transit of Mercury.' During the transit Mercury passed in front of the Sun. An event that won’t happen again till 2032. 


The demonstration took place at the Observatory Dome adjacent to Naraghi Hall of Science. Stan State students had the opportunity to look through a telescope in order to witness the planet Mercury moving across the Sun during the daytime.


Stan State students, faculty, and the local community visited the event and were welcomed with coffee and donuts by the ‘Science In Our Community' outreach program.


Junior high school students came eager to learn more about astronomy. While other individuals participated because they wanted to get a detailed look of Mercury.


Theoretical and computational astrophysics professor, Dr. Brian Morsony expressed his thoughts about hosting the event. “It’s great to get the public interested in astronomy and interested in science and give them motivation to learn about science and get excited about it.”


Alison McNally (faculty, Geography) commented about the event. “I am really excited to see the faculty on our campus use the technology that we have and open up to students and to the community," McNally said.


Morgan Hicks (sophomore, Physical Science) explained her experience looking at the planet Mercury on the telescope at the Observatory Dome. “It’s really awesome. Mercury is really small.”


Hicks said, “I am really excited. I actually didn’t know about this event until last night and I was like. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be there.”


Miriam Moreno, the Science In Our Community Coordinator, explained why Morsony hosted the event. “One of our priorities is to create a community around science and we are accomplishing that because we have volunteers in our faculty, staff and students.”


“This is how get the interest. This can lead to children studying physics or mathematics and this is an entry way to learn a bit of science,” Moreno said.


Morsony announced that he will be co-hosting the Astronomy Night on Friday, November 15, 2019 from 6:30 PM PST to 9:30 PM PST.


The ‘Transit of Mercury’ created an awe-inspiring experience for students, faculty and the local community.

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