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This group of Stan State Students, who work in the Financial Aid Department, talk about their Valentine's Day plans. (Left to right) Nayeli Cruz (sophomore, Psychology and Spanish), Gabriel Olide (freshman, Computer Science), Josue Perez (sophomore, Accounting) and Karen Ramos (senior, Psychology). (Signal Photo/Sandra Plascencia-Rodriguez).

As Valentine's Day approaches, Stan State’s students, faculty and staff eagerly share their plans for the day of love and affection. 

Stan State student Lio Bañuelo (senior, Kinesiology) explained how he prefers a classic approach with his significant other on this day. 

“We’ll probably go out to Cheesecake Factory because I went there a year ago for the first time and the food and cheesecake was really good... I will most likely buy flowers and chocolates to start off the night.” 

Bañuelo is not the only one planning to go out to dinner that night. Josue Perez (sophomore, Accounting) will also be going out to dinner with his partner. 

“For Valentine’s Day, I am going to be going out to dinner, most likely somewhere in Stockton. I don’t know exactly where, maybe some hamburger place," Perez said. "On Saturday, I’ll go to Carmel Beach and spend the entire day with my girlfriend,” he added.

Many Warriors also plan to travel to both new and familiar places to make more memories with those they love. 

“My husband and I are going to go out somewhere, most likely in Monterrey. I love Monterrey a lot, it has a 17 mile drive and [is near] Carmel. It has beautiful scenery, and it’s perfect!” said Stan State Financial Aid Assistant Juliana Rosa. 

Traveling is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it is also time consuming. Sadly, some folks just don’t have the time to celebrate elsewhere, such is the case of Alexa Gisin (senior, Psychology), who is going to spend the day working instead of being able to spend it with her significant other. 

Another student in the same boat is Nayeli Cruz (sophomore, Psychology, Spanish). “My friends and I [are going to] hang out. We usually don’t do much. School takes up a lot of our time,” said Cruz.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love that also includes expressing your love towards friends and family. 

“I might go out to watch a scary movie with my friends or family, most likely my sister. I want to spend time with them as much as I can,” said Lupita Medina (freshman, Undeclared). 

Gabriel Olide (freshman, Computer Science) is also going to spend the day with his family, explaining that they will most likely go to Olive Garden to spend time together. Afterward, they will attend an extended family party to share the love with the rest of their family. 

Some Warriors have less traditional plans for the day. Cory Morrison (senior, Art) has one of his art pieces on display at an art gallery in Tracy. 

“We are going to go to an art gallery and then going to eat, most likely sushi. I am having a painting in an art show in Tracy, so we are going to my exhibit.”

Another Warrior has given a furry twist to how she is going to spend Valentine’s Day. 

“I’m going to spend the evening taking care of my friend’s dogs, but the next day, my boyfriend has a surprise planned for me,” said Karen Ramos (senior, Psychology). 

Love is truly in the air on the Stan State campus during the month of February!

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