The Career and Internship Fair at Stan State allowed students and alumni to be introduced to potential employers and employment opportunities.

Stan State hosts the Career and Internship Fair once every semester. At the event, students and alumni can expect up to 25-30 different employers, all looking to network with and possibly hire from the university’s large and diverse population.

According to Stan State career coach Jaskaran Dhesi, about 220 students and alumni took part in this semesters fair.

Chad Fraga, of the educational non-profit organization “City Year” says that they have attended the Stan State career fair the past two semesters.

Fraga explained that City Year is very involved in the surrounding area and believes that being at this event can help connect the organization with a diverse group of young adults that could possibly help better relate with the children they work with.

Another employer who attended Wednesday’s fair was Kadient, a company focused on providing treatment for children living with autism.

Representing Kadient at the fair was Michael Griffiths, who expressed just how important it was for the company to be present. Griffiths feels as if Stan State has a great pool of local talent that could help Kadient fill much needed positions.

He explained how there are countless opportunities for anyone at the fair, no matter who you are and what you do. 

“We aren’t looking for anybody with a specific major or career path because we don’t want to limit our talent pool. Those who are enthusiastic, positive, and have a good work ethic is what we need" Griffiths said.

Hector Mariscal (junior, Psychology) attended this semesters fair. He says that there was no specific employer that he came to see at the fair, he just wanted to get the idea of what kinds of psychology related jobs were out there.

“I came here with the mindset of wanting to learn. Whatever information and advice I get from these employers, I can take home and reflect on it and think about which kind of job in the psych field can benefit me the most” Mariscal said.

One employer who attended the event and was happy to offer advice to attendees was Tiffany Young of Pridestaff Financial. 

“We offer career advice to those who are attending today. We try to find people that fit the criteria of our clients, connect the two sides, and try to give the students some interview advice tailored to that specific client,” Young said.

Another career fair attendee was Gabriela Hernandez (junior, Business Administration). Hernandez explained how she was generally unaware of which companies were hiring. She also felt as if this event was a great opportunity to network with some potential employers from her field of interest. 

Whether you are motivated to meet and set up an interview with a potential employer, network with experts in a specific career field, or seek out career advice, Stan State’s Career and Internship Fair is an event that can provide this to current and former students alike.

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