In the wake of Homecoming Week, Warrior Pride is being expressed campus wide. The week is now in full swing and not only are the students gearing up for the week of activities to be at a climax, but the departments on campus are participating in their own way via decorations.

Caitlin Schwartz (sophomore, Biology) student assistant at the Career and Professional Development Center, thinks that the departments participating is important. She says, “It builds school spirit, students when they come to the offices, they see all these decorations and kind of gets them into the mindset of Homecoming Week and what that represents.”

Caitlin Schwartz

Caitlin Schwartz (sophomore, Biology) showing off the decorations in the Career and Professoonal Development Center. (Juan Ruiz-Olguin/Signal Photo)

Cheryl Sweeten, the Administrative Support Coordinator at the Office of the Provost, thinks that having the departments participate in Homecoming is a way for them to demonstrate Warrior Pride. “[It] helps to provide a positive, fun atmosphere while focusing on the students & student athletes.”

Campus Pride at a Glance

The Office of the Provost is yet another department on campus that is expressing Warrior Pride. (Juan Ruiz-Olguin/Signal Photo)

Donovan Orozco (junior, Social Science) student assistant at the Student Affairs office, thinks that participating in Homecoming is an experience no one should miss. Orozco believes it is an event that sits at the core of university life because it extends outside of the academic world and into the extracurricular world.

Student Affairs Decorations

Donovan Orozco (junior, Social Science) standing in front of decorations in the Student Affairs office (Juan Ruiz-Olguin/Signal Photo)

Not only is participating in Homecoming a way for departments to show their support for student athletes, but by decorating, the departments are able to develop a sense of unity within their respective teams.

“[Decorating] brought our team closer because we all had different visions for what we wanted to decorate the office as… as a team, everyone brings in different ideas, so we had to figure out how to put all of those ideas together and still make it work” Orozco said.

Student Affairs Homecoming Jerseyy

The names of the Student Affairs team showing that you don't have to be an athlete to have a jersey with your name on it. (Juan Ruiz-Olguin/Signal Photo)

Sweeten said that even though they’re already a tight-knit team, when they work together to put the decorations up, the experience becomes more memorable.

Julissa Ramirez (senior, Communications), student assistant at the Office of the Provost, echoed Sweeten’s thoughts. “[The team is] already super close, communicating on a daily basis… I would say it does but we’re already super close so it just helps to have some fun.”

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