Stan State is home to approximately 10,000 students that use one of the 12 parking lots that surround the campus. Consequently, those lots can have a person who is a bad parker and makes it difficult for other students to find parking. 

A bad parker is someone who either has a car too big for a spot, or someone who is in little to no time to get to wherever they need to be and double parks or parks on the line. 

"It's irritating when a bigger car parks in a small space it makes it harder to park. My sister got her car hit by the car door next to her because the guy parked too close to her," Jennifer Calles (senior, Liberal Studies) said.

This creates an issue for people who need a parking space because the person who has double parked has taken a potential spot that could have been used. 

"It sucks, especially when you wake up early and people still suck at parking so you don't have a parking space," Jillian Batac (sophomore, Kinesiology) said.

Students then have to find parking in further locations than they would have intended to as a result of bad parking.

"When people park on the line, you can't even fit. When there are no spots in a lot and you have to drive either to economy parking or the other side of campus," Batac said. "It's ridiculous because you're paying like $180 to park somewhere else because of a bad parker who took two spots."

Parking poorly frustrates students because of how simple it is to become better at it. 

"When students have a hard time parallel parking and end up taking more than the one space, it really gets on my nerves because it's a really easy fix," Aaron Czubak (senior, Business) said. "It's annoying because it looks like an available spot but when you get closer you see there is not enough room for your car so you have to park further away."

According to Stan State's parking guidelines, in section 6 under Parking Permits, buying a parking permit does not reserve a parking spot since it is "on a first come, first serve basis." 

The parkers who do not park between the white lines are violating the Parking and Traffic Ordinance (PTO).

As stated by the eight violation of the PTO, the white lines indicate the "designated space" where vehicles should be parked.

Parkers who do not park in the designated space face a fine of $28. 

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