Students in the Stan State quad (courtesy of Joel Ramirez)

CSU Stanislaus has over 100 clubs and organizations on campus. However, with only a few clubs and organizations advertising, many remain unknown, leading to missed opportunities for students.

Clubs and organizations are a fantastic way to get involved with life on campus. They provide students with great college experiences by being more involved with life on campus, as well as offer opportunities to make friends, to give back to the community via community service projects, and they also open doors to networking. All of these are great opportunities, however how do we know which clubs are available on campus?

When students were asked how many clubs and organizations there were on campus, most answered between 20-30.

Stan State's website states there are a whopping 129. This includes Greek life, including 10 sororities, 6 fraternity and 1 co-ed fraternity, as well as over 100 clubs and organizations ranging from academic, cultural, political, pre-professional, recreational, social, special interest, religious and more.

“I don’t know of any clubs on campus,” said Emily Langstaff (senior, Psychology). “A lot of them don’t advertise.”

Not all clubs and organizations do well with advertising. The organizations that do best at Stan State are Greek clubs and ASI because of their ability to market themselves.

“ASI does it's best to market itself to as many students as possible. We have an outstanding marketing team that is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to reach out to our students,” said ASI director for student organizations Alessandra Ramirez (senior, Psychology). ASI is a not-for-profit student-based department that focuses on advocating for students and providing student leadership opportunities and development to our campus' diverse population.

Ramirez continued, “One of our biggest ways of marketing is through social media. Our Instagram reaches over 3,000 of our students alone.”

ASI uses various social media platforms to reach Stan State students such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. ASI is also in the campus quad every Wednesday handing out flyers and engaging with students to get the word out about upcoming events and the services they provide. Additionally, they have A-frames on campus with events that are coming up along with their contact information.

“This semester we set up dates for our Taco 'Bout It event, where we provide free tacos for students to come and voice any issues or concerns they may have for us,” said Ramirez.

Other organizations that do well at CSU Stanislaus are Greek clubs on campus. One reason they do so well in terms of numbers is their ability to promote themselves.

“Kappa Sigma is a social fraternity, so establishing a presence on campus is important,” says Gabriel Duran (senior, Criminal Justice), vice president of Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma’s focus is to work together to achieve the development of a better man academically, socially, culturally, civically and as a successful leader and role model to others. They work hard to stay true to four pillars: Fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and service.

Kappa Sigma has multiple methods of exposing others to their fraternity. Kappa Sigma uses social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

“Word of mouth is another great way we let others know about our fraternity,” said Vice President Gabriel Duran. Members of the fraternity talk to their classmates, friends bring up their fraternity in conversations at the gym.

There are many clubs on campus, and they all offer great opportunities; however, many go by unnoticed because of lack of advertising. We can look at organizations that do well at Stan State, such as ASI and Greek clubs as examples of strategic marketers for organizations on campus. For more information on clubs and organizations on campus, click here.

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