This Saturday, Stan State students had the opportunity to enjoy a trip to San Francisco's Pier 39 and the Ice Cream Museum via the University Student Union's (USU) Weekend Warrior program.

The Gummy Garden

Students enjoying ice cream in Gummy Garden. (Signal Photo/Laura Tadeo) 


Entrance to the Museum of Ice Cream. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

Souvenir Shop

Guests browsing the souvenir shop. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

Students departed from Lot 8 in front of the Fitzpatrick Arena on campus at 9 a.m and made their way first to the Museum of Ice Cream, where they were able to dive into the sprinkle pool, take photos, and enjoy the different kinds of ice cream sampled in each room. Finally, students had the chance to explore and shop at Pier 39 before departing and arriving back to campus at 8 p.m.

Mint Room

Mint Room at the Museum of Ice Cream. (Signal Photo/Laura Tadeo) 

Sprinkle Pool

Sprinkle pool at the Museum of Ice Cream. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

Diving into the Sprinkle Pool

Students in the sprinkle pool. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

“I thought this was really fun, especially since this was my first time going on one of the Weekend Warrior trips. I really loved the Museum of Ice Cream, that was my favorite part and seeing all the different rooms,” said Sara Mitchell (Junior, Psychology).

Magnet Room

Magnet Room at the Museum of Ice Cream. (Signal Photo/Laura Tadeo) 

The Weekend Warrior program allows all students enrolled at Stan State to travel to exciting events such as concerts, museums, & hikes on weekends four times per semester. Students only pay half the price and transportation is included.

Ice Cream Display

Ice cream containers on display. (Signal Photo/ Laura Tadeo)

This opportunity is given to students by the University Student Union (USU). Upcoming Weekend Warrior trips for this semester include a Justin Timberlake concert, a Yosemite National Park hike, and a night tour of Alcatraz and Pier 39. 

Marye's Diner

The 50's inspired Marye's Diner. (Signal Photo/Laura Tadeo) 

Marye's Diner

Students taking photos at Marye's Diner. (Signal Photo/Laura Tadeo) 

Attendee Natalie Rubio (junior, Child Development) said she was looking forward to upcoming Weekend Warrior trips. “I really enjoyed the trip. As a whole I think the programs that Stan gives us are great because they give us a variety of field trips we can go to,” Rubio said.

Signups for Weekend Warrior trips are at the ASI & USU Front Desk in Housing Suite 122. Information on upcoming trips is posted on ASI & USU's webpage.

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