Warrior Yoga earns their glass at the Dust Bowl Brewery

Warrior Yogis posing inside Dust Bowl Brewery. (Signal photo/ Aliyah Stoeckl) 

Warrior Yoga turned up the heat in a collaboration event with Dust Bowl Brewery that gave local individuals who do yoga a boost of motivation. 

Owner of Warrior Yoga, Lori Wilson, is also a faculty member in the Kinesiology Department at Stan State. Wilson has a vision of bringing everyone together through yoga. 

“For me, its bring yoga to the community and maybe draw in people who wouldn’t otherwise come to the studio,” said Wilson.

This event was intended to give exposure to two local businesses to create a partnership and bringing in new members. 

The yoga session started with Wilson gently instructing listeners to tune into their sounds and create an awareness around their emotions and feelings with no judgement.

“When you show up as a “yes” with your eyes fixed on what you want to have happen and you’re willing to give up what's in the way, anything is possible,” said Wilson during her instruction. 

The brewery was filled with yogis who were there to not only earn their way to a cup of beer at the end of the session, but also to find relief. 

Warrior Yoga earns their glass at the Dust Bowl Brewery

Warrior Yoga teacher helping with poses during instruction. (Signal photo/ Aliyah Stoeckl) 

“It helps, it’s always good to realign your body or else you get tight like a knot,” said Roy Vargas, an attendee of the session. 

The attendee’s struck their poses on the floor of the brewery with an enlightening  purpose. 

“It was different from the normal practice. But still really enjoyable. It was motivating,” said an attendee, Johnathan Bryant. 

When the session ended, individuals received their cups of cold beer from the Dust Bowl Brewery. 

Warrior Yoga earns their glass at the Dust Bowl Brewery

Two members of Yoga cheers after breaking a sweat. (Signal photo/ Aliyah Stoeckl) 

Warrior Yoga is also in contract with the athletics department at Stan State and offers student discounts and scholarships available within the studio.

To learn more about Warrior Yoga, visit their website at http://www.warrioryogaturlock.com/

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