iOS Workshop

Students look on as Sam Ruiz (senior, Computer Science) leads them through the iOS workshop. (Signal Photo/Austin Bathke)

Tuesday night saw the last of three workshops put together by the Computer Science (CS) Club as they prepare for the inaugural Hack-A-thon coming this Saturday. 

The third and final workshop in the series was led by Sam Ruiz (senior, Computer Science). Ruiz led students through working with iOS, the same software that is used through Apple products. 

Ruiz led students through developing an app game called Bullseye, a game that gives you a meter that ranges from 1 to 100. The object of the game is to drag the slider as close to the target number given as possible.

For example, if the game asks you to put the slider as close to the number 50 as possible, your objective is to put the slider as close to the middle as you can.

He also walked the workshop attendees through coding with iOS and tested the game throughout the session, fixing bugs through trial and error. 

At the end of the session, the game wasn't perfect, but students understood how the coding fixed the bugs as they went along. 

Jeffrey Cosio (junior, Computer Science), who attended the workshop, was relieved to have a different type of learning in his major. 

"I thought it was helpful to have learned something outside of the normal curriculum of classes that we take in our subject," said Cosio.

Even though the workshop didn't go exactly the way Ruiz thought it would, he enjoyed the way it turned out.

"I was happy with the outcome, even though it kind of turned into a debugging at the end. That it just some issues you run into with coding, so it was good for students to understand that as well," said Ruiz.

With the workshop series over, the next event is the first ever Stan State Hack-A-Thon, which is just a few days away. 

Austin White (junior, English), President of the CS Club, said you can "build your future" at the Hack-A-Thon that starts at 8 a.m. on Saturday the 27th. 

You can read about the first workshop, featuring conversation on the program Microsoft Azure, here. 

To read about the second workshop that was about web development, click here.

For details about the Hack-A-Thon, refer to the Signal's March Print Edition

For more updates on the CS Club’s activities, follow their Instagram page: @csustancsclub

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