Penumbra Fall 2021

Photo courtesy of Stan State Penumbra.

Submissions for Penumbra's Fall Call are now open until October 25. Penumbra is an online and physical collection of works such as poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction, reviews and art that are published by Stanislaus State throughout the year.

Each edition of Penumbra has a different theme and may have varying formats. The summer and fall editions are virtual, whereas the spring edition is a physical collection of works.  The theme for this year's summer and fall edition is a two-part series of love. The summer edition was titled “Self Love” and the second part (the fall edition) is centered around “Love for Others.”

Anyone can submit work if they wish to be featured in the Fall Call. To submit poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction or art for the Fall Call, head to the Penumbra homepage and click on the “click to submit” button. 

If you would like to submit a review of any kind the process is slightly different. You will first need to email Autumn Andersen ( and Hannah Neeley (, who are both review editors at Penumbra, with a brief proposal on what you wish to review and how it ties into the theme of love. For reviews, it is asked that whatever you are reviewing was published or released within the past year or year and a half (2020-2021).

You can always check out the current and previous editions of Penumbra for free online at any time.

Aside from the published works Penumbra puts out they also have many other events/activities students can participate in. Some of these events include:

Penumbra is also hosting a charity Halloween trivia event on October 31st 2021 from 1-2:30 (PST). All of the proceeds from this event will go to the Warrior Food Pantry.

For more information on Penumbra, head to their official website.

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