The Stan State amphitheater has been host to many StanFests in the past. This year, it will remain empty as the Stan State Warrior Day Festival will be fully digital. (Signal Photo/ Anthony Perkins)

Stan State’s Warrior Day Festival has found a way to give students a chance to have a day to catch their breath before finals and enjoy a day of excitement and fun. On May 14 (this Friday), The Warrior Day Festival is taking a virtual approach this year due to the restrictions in place for the pandemic.

Replacing the StanFest traditions of the past, and following the cancelation of last year’s festival,  this year’s Warrior Day Festival offers an opportunity for students to enjoy a few hours of festivities, hosted by ASI.

For those interested in the event, access will be provided through a link in the bio of ASI’s Instagram @asi_sc_stanstate. Starting at 1 p.m. on May 14, attendees will be able to use a series of links within ASI’s bio to traverse some virtual rooms hosting a variety of entertainment options.

Some of the novelty acts that will be available for the enjoyment of attendees include The T-Shirt Guys, Creative Vibez, Speed Sketchers, Joe’s Spray Can Artists, and multiple others listed on the Warrior Day Festival page of the campus website. In addition to these acts, there will also be rapid fire games staggered throughout the event for attendees to compete in to not only have fun, but to have the chance to win prizes for their effort.

Students can currently register for the event here. The first 500 students to register will also receive a free warrior pack containing goodies such as sunglasses, a t-shirt, and more.

On top of this wide array of events, there is also a giveaway for a Smart TV for those who register before the event. The only requirements to be eligible for this grand prize is to be registered for the event before it starts and to be present for the live prize drawing right at the end of the event at 5:30.

So if you're looking for something to do this Friday, check out the virtual Warrior Day Festival by going through the links on ASI’s Instagram!

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