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 After a week or so of officially self-quarantining, I have started to become a bit restless. I started today off by reading a good 30 pages of my book, making my bed, and getting dressed for the first time in a while. While a productivity-based mindset can sometimes be harmful and add extra and unnecessary pressure, doing routine-esque things has helped me to start my day off on a good note. 

The CODIV-19 pandemic has been a time of anxiety and internal struggle for so many of us. The complete change of how we live our lives and the constant coverage of this event, good or bad,  has the potential to negatively impact or overwhelm those who deal with mental illness, those who are extroverts, or those who previously looked forward to weekly meals with extended family and friends. If you fall under any of these categories, or any that I failed to mention, I am coming to you with an idea that I hope will provide some sort of stability in these extremely volatile times. As of next month, the Signal will be starting its very own book club! 

Name TBD, the Signal staff thought that this could be a good way to encourage people to step back from themselves and get lost in a good book. Reading is one of the best ways to disconnect from our daily lives and invest some brain power into something that is there to nurture our minds while stimulating us in a positive way. 

To get involved, all you need to do is fill out the google form below and stay tuned for our April book selection. This is going to be a low risk situation, especially considering the fact that some of us still have classes and work to deal with. There will be a book a month with a monthly Zoom meeting where the reader who picked the book will have a few questions prepared to prompt our discussion. If you need help coming up with questions, please say so on the google form, and we will be more than happy to help! The Zoom meeting will then be shared to our socials, so if you want to wait and see how it’ll play out before signing up, that’s 100% okay. 

Ready to put your thinking cap on? Sign up below and let’s read!

Signal Book Club sign-up form

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