It is a common assumption that freshmen students may gain an extra fifteen pounds throughout their first year in college. 


This may be due to the workload, budget, mental health of the student, the decreased amount of exercise, quality of food, or amount of intake.


There are several ways Stanislaus State helps students remain healthy.


The Warrior Discounter provides students with deals on purchases from local businesses in Turlock.  


The local grocery stores that are included in these promotions are: Raley’s 10% off all purchases, Food Maxx 5% off all purchases, and Save Mart 10% all purchases.


Saving money being a student can be just as easy as flashing a student Warrior I.D. 


Many students expressed that without financial barriers it would be much more enjoyable to diet or eat significantly healthier.


Alondra Arreola (freshman, Pre-Nursing), described her budget limitations because of commuting. “Gas money, sometimes and traffic is a problem when’re just trying to eat something on the go and it’s not always the healthiest thing. You also just want it to fill you up for awhile”. 


Annette Sotelo (freshman, Pre-Nursing) described her ideal healthy lunch, “A caesar salad, with chicken, and bacon, put it all on there! Avocado, extra avocado”.


Students that live in a different town may not be able to take advantage of the discounts in Turlock. “Because I live in a different city, I am not going to be coming here to get what I need, the discounts do not do much for me” Sotelo added.


Going from high school to college eating habits may remain the same or alternate. Marilyn Ventura (freshmen, Kinesiology), shared her transition, “I am not going to eat as much, because I am too busy with studying and classes and going back and forth, luckily one class in online”.

Early starts may also affect the meal plans of the students.


Marie Claire Tavdif (freshman, Pre-Nursing) explained how rushing in the morning takes a huge role on her diet, “My eating habits are decent, not the best. During the summer I would get bored and just eat, but now that I am in school things have changed like time management and I’ll forget to eat sometimes.


Committing to eating healthier being fresh into college may be a challenge for students.


Exercise is how freshmen can keep the weight off as well.


Damaris Burt (freshman, Criminal Justice) described how he will stay fit during his first semester, “I’m about to start track soon and I’m already working out with my teammates, that’s how I’m staying in shape, I don’t eat much fast food either”.


Enrique Granados (freshman, Undeclared) broke down his diet and  workout routine, “I don’t lift weights but my usual exercise is running, a lot of cardio and things like that. I play alot of basketball too and try to eat healthy by eating a lot of lean meats and vegetables”.


Every student enrolled has free access to the Campus Recreation Center. The fall 2019 Operating Hours are Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 11:00pm, and weekends from 6:00am to 9:00pm.


Before going to the gym it is an option to visit Robeks to receive a free pre-workout shot that is provided through the Warrior Discounter.


Knowing the resources and benefits Stanislaus State offers gives freshmen an advantage of beating the “freshman fifteen”.


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