Fresh starts, new goals, and positive vibes filled the campus today. Students at Stanislaus State are more ready than ever to kick off this academic year. 

Warriors share with us their goals and concerns for the semester this first day back on campus. 

Now that the new school year has started students like Mei Curry (senior, Criminal Justice) are ready to be back working. She is ready to start her internship with an organization called Student for Quality Education (SQE).

Being one of two interns here on campus, she is ready to help represent the students. “We go to Sacramento to advocate on behalf of you guys [students].” said Curry. After graduation she hopes for a successful future for Stanislaus State.

Jose Flores (sophomore, Undeclared) is also ready for the fall semester to begin.

“Hopefully I get my classes out of the way and make new friends,” said Flores.

Flores also added how he thought the campus was nice but the construction is a “bummer”. 

Despite starting off the semester on a high end, several other students voiced their concerns regarding the construction still going on around campus. 

David Corral (sophomore, Kinesiology) does not like the construction as it makes the dining hall overcrowded. 

And with the library closed off this semester, students are finding relief from the heat in the dining hall. 

Abigail Martinez (sophomore, Undeclared) expressed concern for the incoming students as there is not much open space on campus as before. 

“Everything is packed, [it’s] confusing for freshmen,” said Martinez. 

The simple things in life have students excited for the new semester. The details to the school’s atmosphere being: the food, dorm life, or some of the students basic surroundings have complimented their first day back. 

Manuel Souza (senior, Computer Science), “It’s a simple day, cheesy day, so I got a cheese pizza. My main focus is passing my classes and hopefully be out soon”.

Many students spent their entire day on campus. Edna Ochoa (junior, Biology), “It’s an easy day because I am living on campus, I am enjoying my roommates so far. I am eating out of my own groceries as well as the warrior cafe, we have ‘bouji’ kitchens”.

It was an extremely hot day of ninety-one degrees. Diego Cruz (junior, Psychology) "The best moment would probably be when I walked into the cafeteria had that nice cold AC and nostalgia hit me."

Whether students had to walk long lengths to their parked car, did not packed a lunch, or forgot to buy required books, it has been a successful first day at Stanislaus State. 

Welcome Warriors.

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