Finals season at Stanislaus State is in full swing and students are buckling down and gearing up for a hectic week full of sleepless nights and various study habits.

Makayla Smith (sophomore, Social Sciences) said that she likes to use Quizlet as a tool to help her study.

“Usually all my professors give me a study guide and from there I go on Quizlet and I make questions and answers for the questions. I make tests on there and flashcards so I use that,” Smith said.

For Isabella Tovar (sophomore, Psychology), preparing for finals means studying with friends.


Isabella Tovar studying for her finals. (Signal Photo/Juan Ruiz-Olguin)

“I stay up late in the library with friends, which definitely make it easier. I go over my notes and try to stay organized about the way I study,” Tovar said.

“I try to take breaks but roughly a couple of hours with several breaks in between. I don’t like to overwhelm myself,” Tovar added.

Lesley Miranda (senior, Psychology) has a similar approach to Tovar and Smith and also uses the study guide the professor gives.

“I like to prepare for finals by gathering all of my study guides and assessing which class is more important to study for. Then, I like to calculate my grades and point average in the class I like to see what the lowest score I can get on the final to still maintain an A in the class,” Miranda said.

Finals can be a highly stressful time, but figuring out what relieves your stress can be helpful.

To relieve her stress, Smith said that she likes to remind herself that she gets to “go home after and then [she] can relax over the summer break.”

“I like to go on walks or grab a drink with friends, or any type of social support. I highly recommend reaching out to your support networks because these are stressful times and we need each other,” Miranda said.

Tovar ended by adding that mental breaks are much needed.

“I just take mental breaks and watch Netflix. I need those mental breaks and Netflix is the way to go,” Tovar said.

Finals present a stressful time, so be sure to take breaks throughout your study sessions to recooperate and renenergize.

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