Agent M and Agent H prepare to save the world in "Men in Black: International".  Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures

Men in Black: International  directed by F. Gary Gray is an important step in the progressive movement. In our current political climate, our beloved MIB agents demonstrate how to tackle xenophobia and toxic masculinity while maintaining a fun and light-hearted plot.

Overall, the movie was executed well through its use of special effects and fun plot. Tessa Thompson as Agent M, and Chris Hemsworth as Agent H, demonstrated an on-screen chemistry which truly aided in the film’s various messages.

Thompson’s Agent M demonstrated the drive and perseverance of Black women which lead her to MIB, a predominantly male-lead organization. Hemsworth’s Agent H experiences a reality check when partnering with Agent M. Agent H’s toxic masculinity gradually reduces throughout the film as pieces of his past are uncovered. By the end of the film, Agent H develops a new respect for women and recognizes that Men In Black are not only successful because of its male members.

In past MIB films, aliens are the common enemy. MIB international tackles xenophobia by demonstrating that we can live harmoniously among the aliens. This is strikingly parallel to our current political climate. If the Men in Black can live harmoniously among the aliens and only reprimand the bad guys, then why can’t the United States do the same with immigrants?

Spoiler Alert: The aliens were not the bad guys.

Another fun piece of MIB International was the role of Les Twins. Les Twins are only one of the hottest dance duos of today after winning World of Dance.  Les Twins were provided a platform to showcase their amazing dance moves in this science fiction film which is uncommon.

MIB International also paid homage to the original MIB movies by showing a picture of past heroes Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent Jay (Will smith).

Overall, it was refreshing to see a Black woman star as a lead in a science fiction film where her race was not at all part of the plot. It was also refreshing that the creators chose not to end the film with a kiss between the two main characters, although I am sure that many viewers expected it to happen. I recommend this film for the family and hope there will be a sequel.

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